Much more than expected

Liberating Lacey - Anne Calhoun

Opening Line:She didn’t belong here”


Liberating Lacy was a bit of a slow burn for me, unlike a lot of other readers it didn’t grab me right away and initially I just assumed it was going to be all sex and no substance. Maybe it was the terrible cover or the sex starting on page 3 but I had to work at it to get into or even find the characters here, however once I did I was totally hooked.

What a fabulous love story this ended up being, so much more than erotica and on that note I’ll be honest, I actually got kinda bored (*gasp, I know) with all the sex scenes, and found myself skimming through the “Oh god, more, deeper, harder, please’s to get back to the story because that’s where this really shines.

I genuinely care for both of these characters. I loved all their subtle interactions, their teasing, so much more was being said to each other than was actually on the page. They didn’t play games (well not emotional ones anyway) LOL and their problems in age and class were very real. Class, yeah Lacy is a class-act; successful, oozing money, confident but also caring. And Hunter, gah I could talk about him for ages, just awesome. A ton of character development here and strong chemistry, which surprised me, watching these two realize what they have is more than just a good time getting off on the stairs, out of the cuffs and in from the rain and quietly falling in love –not without a few bumps I might add, was just brilliant.

Lacey Meyers is newly divorced and despite her air of confidence looking very out of place in this hook-up bar. She’s had enough of years of zero spark and the missionary position so tonight she’s looking for something new, a first. She’s going to pick up a younger man and take him home or at least to the parking lot.

Who she gets is Hunter Anderson; 8 years her junior, gorgeous, intelligent more than willing to rock her world and also not wanting anything permanent. What neither of these two expected though was the connection, the fact that there’s going to be another hook-up and another and they both like grilled cheese sandwiches and fantasy role play because they trust each other.

It’s got to end sooner or later though doesn’t it? I mean where can this go? Hunter lives paycheque to paycheque on a cop’s salary; Lacey spends 1,500 dollars on a set of sheets and shops at Whole Foods. She has dinner with politicians; he wears a gun for a career, rides a motorcycle and works construction with his dad on weekends. There can’t possibly be a future can there? The heart wants what the heart wants. Cheers