Mr Awesome!

Trust Me - Caroline Cross

Opening Line: "The shriek of the bolt being drawn in the cell block door shattered the sultry afternoon silence."


TRUST ME will appeal to those looking for a shot of pure romantic junk food to the brain, which lets face it we all crave from time to time. This quick, uncomplicated romantic-suspense is at times clichéd to the point of eye rolling, with descriptions of butterfly soft kisses, manly chests, tight abs, and hot sweaty jungle sex. There’s also plenty of action to keep things moving along and a reunion romance to deal with (complete with flashbacks to our couple’s unrequited young love) As well as every daring rescue scenario you could possibly think of. All of which are performed flawlessly by dark, dangerous and impossible to resist ex-US Navy Seal turned bodyguard for hire and incredibly handsome perfect man with a super cool name, Dominic Steele. Awesome!

Dominic Steele’s latest mission is pretty routine, (for someone as awesome as himself) He’s been hired to extricate a woman wrongly accused and locked up in a third world prison using any means necessary. Just another day on the job until he sets his sights on who the beautiful woman in the cell is. The fates are cruel indeed because the imprisoned woman is none other than the very wealthy and spoiled Lilah Cantrell also known as heartbreaker or the one that got away and he’s never quite been able to forget.

Lilah can’t believe her eyes, she hasn’t seen Dom in 10 years and now he’s come to her rescue, what a friggin relief. All she has to do now is resist his smooth words, rippling muscles and those pesky re-emerging feelings of love long enough to; tunnel through the wall and escape from jail, jump off a cliff into the ocean, evade the bad guys and their dogs while traipsing through the jungle for days on end, survive drowning, engage in car chases, shootouts and a night in a seedy cantina hotel and then finally, escape the island using a stolen sea plane in a death defying, movie worthy take off. (I actually quite liked this scene)

If our girl Lilah can achieve all this without getting so much as one bug bite and still manage to look alluringly fantastic (albeit artfully dishevelled )as well as getting Mr perfect to fall for her and proclaim that he needs her in his life forever. Then I must concede that she is equally as awesome as Dominic and that this couple is perfect for each other right down to the last sentence “And then he lowered his head and kissed her, and all was right in her world.” *sigh* Awesome!

This book is part of the super fun Men of Steele series which means of course that theres more awesome men coming to the rescue. So turn your brain off, and enjoy the ride…

She set about examining him. Careful to keep her touch as light as a kiss of sunlight.”