"He'd loved her. Hated her. Craved her. But he'd never forgotten her."

Under the Wire - Cindy Gerard

Opening Line: Manny Ortega awoke from a dead sleep.”


Manny Ortega lost everything because of one woman. She really did a number on him too, taking his heart, and then betraying him to his enemies. Forcing him to become exile in his own country and eventually leave behind everything he knows and loves in Nicaragua and start again in America. 17 years later his heart and demeanor have hardened, years spent in the Special Forces and then as a police detective have taken care of that. Manny is no longer the swaggering, bright eyed Latin lover he once was and while he may be a different person now one thing hasn’t changed, he’s never gotten over his anger or forgiven his first love Lily.

"From the moment he’d seen her that fateful night in Nicaragua she’d been an obsession. Nothing had changed. He’d loved her. Hated her. Craved her. But he’d never forgotten her.”

Lily Camporna spent years believing that her young lover had been killed by Nicaraguan rebels so imagine her surprise when she sees him in a Boston Hospital. He’s aged like a fine wine and still makes her stomach flutter. But what is he doing here and why does he hate her so much? Then Lily’s son is kidnapped while in Sri Lanka, and with no aid from the government she goes to the one person she knows will have to help. Putting aside her questions and his animosity Lily begs Manny to help bring her son home.

Unlike some of the other reviewers I really enjoyed Part 1 which takes place years before the main story. I also didn’t have any problems with the 10 year age gap between our couple; even though when they first meet our hero is only 18. I enjoyed seeing how his personality changed in the years between. As a man he is no longer the swaggering, bright eyed, Latin lover, in fact he’s bitter and a bit of an ass. Holding a grudge for so long will do that to a guy.

Unfortunately where I did have a problem was when the story went to modern day, things just fell apart for me once all the action started in Sri Lanka, and I found it all kinda dumb. This was surprising to me because those are usually my favourite Cindy Gerard scenes. But when the hero and heroine are swinging from jungle vines, riding around on a klepto elephant and having sex in prehistoric caves with useable beds (?) its heading into OTT territory for me. I also found some of the long Sri Lankan names very awkward, like the host family ‘Muhandiramalas’ my brain was tripping over the pronunciation and I was taken out of the story. My thought there though, is that they’re authentic and I’m just being a lazy reader. 

Similarly to the beginning I enjoyed the last few chapters after all the action was done with, as Lily awaits the return of her son and tries to figure out how and if Manny will fit into their life in Boston. As always CG includes several other EDEN members in her story and the ever eventful closing chapter crochet game.

This is Book #5 in the Bodyguard series and while Cindy Gerard remains an auto-buy author this was not my favourite book of hers. It is however hugely popular so don’t take my word for it. Cheers