Just going through the motions (as sexy as they may be)

Saddled and Spurred - Lorelei James

Opening line:"You're firing me?"

Cattleman Bran Turner (Bran, really!?) is left shorthanded during calving season and since rural Wyoming and in particular the sleepy town of Muddy Gap doesn’t have an overabundance of qualified help he reluctantly hires Harper Masterson for the job. Now while this down on her luck, former beauty queen may not look the part of your typical ranch hand (the gem encrusted sunglasses and leopard print gloves are a dead giveaway) Harper proves to be a quick study and more then capable of gettin’ er done.

What starts out as a strictly a professional relationship of course builds into something more; Bran just can’t keep his eyes off Harpers curves and she in turn doesn’t mind getting down and dirty. He can’t believe that this gorgeous beauty queen would have anything to do with the likes of him and Harper well, she can’t believe what she’s been missing, who knew sex could be so good.

Besides there’s no harm done right? They’ve both agreed that this is only going to be a temporary affair, just until Bran’s injured help returns and Harpers younger sister Bailey graduates high school. A few weeks tops, then she’s outta this dusty little town, and never looking back, right?

If you’ve read any of Lorelei James’s other books (I highly recommend the Roughriders series) then you’ll know what to expect from this one. Erotic love scenes, emotion filled storylines, a couple of dustups at the local saloon and a whole town of unique characters and situations to keep you interested.

I have to be honest though, this book didn’t quite grab me like her Roughriders series always does and I was honestly surprised at how difficult a time I had getting into it. Neither of the main characters made much of an impression on me until later on in the book (which ended up being awesome) and I just never felt their supposed “spark”. And while the sex scenes where certainly steamy enough they lacked genuine emotion or even excitement of the usual level I’ve come to expect from James. It just seemed like our couple was going through the motions (sexy as they may be) and I had a hard time caring.

However like I said at around chapter 16 it all seemed to come together. With the ranch job ending, Harper is leaving, Bran’s not stopping her and nobody is talking about how they really feel. I also enjoyed the storyline involving her sister Bailey’s bombshell decision and *sigh, Bran’s last minute attempts at romance. For such a strong silent style he sure came out of his shell. Interesting events also open up for book #3 in the Blacktop Cowboys series; (Wrangled and Tangled).