Good times with Lora Leigh

Loving Lies - Lora Leigh

Opening Line: "The music was a gentle swell of sound around the riverbank clearing."


~This was a reread  for me and I still really like this one. It reminded me of why I initially enjoyed Lora Leigh’s writing so much.~


This is a really good love story that I enjoyed way more then I expected to. Written way back when Lora Leigh still bothered to have her writing edited and the stories and characters weren't yet repetitive. Still this does have a WILD CARD flavour in its reunited lovers theme and with an Uber alpha hero who’s come home and is taking back what is his.


 After admiring Jessie for years and finally having one weekend of bliss together our hero Slade is forced to marry another and leave both Jessie and his hometown behind while he works a case for homeland security. (Okay, whatever with the homeland security plotline, it’s kind of an afterthought here and honestly we’re not reading LL for cohesive plots now are we?) Anyways as heartbroken as Jessie is over this betrayal it is Slade who truly suffers. Tortured by his thoughts of her he longs for the day when he can return, but will she take him back?



Throughout the story you can feel Slade and Jessie’s love and absolute longing for one another. They may have spent five years apart but thats done nothing to dampen their desire for each other. However Jessie is not the same innocent girl Slade left behind and he’s got his work cut out for him if he’s going to make her realize that they belong together, forever.


All of LL’s numerous sex scenes are done with her own unique style of erotica (if you know what I mean)-you may feel like you need a shower afterwards. With sub characters that are well developed and a story that kept me interested, even giving me a couple of *sigh* moments with all the angst riddled internal dialogue. I should mention that Slade’s “alpha-ness” is a bit much at times, with his comments and actions bordering on violent. It’s only marginally acceptable because he states that she has the power and he won’t ever hurt her or make her do anything she doesn’t want to do. Still its always all about Slade.


 "She didn’t want to grow up, she said. By god, if growing up meant she lost the waif-like innocence and steel-hard core of determination, then he’d have to beat her if she grew up. Before he considered anything else though he had to have her. Rising to his feet, before Jessie could do more then gasp, Slade had her in his arms stalking to the one place in the house he knew Jessie could scream without little ears hearing her.” 


-Yup good times with Lora Leigh.