You shouldn't have killed the dog!

The Survivors - Dinah McCall, Sharon Sala

Opening Line: “Destry Poindexter was beating the hell out of his wife, Lucy.”


I always struggle with Sharon Sala/Dinah McCall. Some of her books I've enjoyed others I've not even finished, -all have a high cheese factor. This one had a great premise, a follow through that I wasn't expecting (and not in a good way) with main characters becoming secondary and an over the top maniacal bad guy. Some of the dialogue in this was also laughably old fashioned and or just plain ridiculous with love scenes the same. The following being almost unreadable.

"When they began the dance of love, time stopped. All sense of themselves as individuals became lost in the act of making love. The room stood in darkness but was tempered in warmth." *Gag*

She also had her heroine spout sexist comments like "I feel really terrible for being such a burden to everyone. I haven't lifted a finger to cook or clean since I entered the house."

The heroine has just survived a plane crash, spent days lost in the snowy wilderness being chased by the bad guy, had surgery to remove part of the plane from her back and, it’s not even her house! But hey, come on, she didn't cook or clean!

And then with about 50 pages to go, just when I thought I was going to make it to the end she killed the dog. Note to authors Don't Kill The Dog! They must know it infuriates and alienates readers, I threw the damn book. Outside. So anyways this was a DNF and I'm done with McCall/Sala.