Sensual, erotic and well written

The Switch - Diane Whiteside

Opening Line:"Beth stood on the street corner, waiting for the light to change."

Oh I liked this one, a different sort of erotica then I usually read wherein the man gets dominated by a woman here. The thing that made this so hot for me is that the man in this case is 100% alpha, a manly man, a decorated military man, who also just happens to have fantasies about being Dom’d by a woman.

Diane Whiteside’s writing is sensual rather than sexy with long drawn out love scenes and tons of reader foreplay. The characters are well rounded and I liked both of them and because theres an actual story here including their families and backgrounds you really get a feel for why they desire what they do. We also get a touching love story, a bit of heartbreak and an exciting ending involving kidnapping (but not in the way you might think) Of course its all been balanced between a ton of erotic lovemaking, using scarves, crops, binding and a lot of other toys, all of which are portrayed in a safe and realistic manner. This isn’t your usual Dom situation though; the woman here doesn’t humiliate her sub or make him dress in leather with a ball gag. Most of the domination is mental rather then physical, like her ordering in restaurants, choosing his clothes or just making him…wait. I have to say I surprised myself by how much I enjoyed these games.

My only problem with THE SWITCH would be the pages and pages (sometimes whole chapters) dedicated to the characters fantasies. Probably some readers will enjoy these detailed mini stories but I skimmed as I just wasn’t interested in reading about knights, pirates, princesses and cowboys getting it on when it had no baring on the story.

Sean and Beth meet in a Seattle bookstore in the erotica section. Two strangers who create a dance while perusing the shelves with glances and brushing bodies, before finding themselves in a backroom. (This chapter is hott) Beth immediately shows herself to be different then other women by taking the lead in their dance; while she herself is surprised by this obvious alpha male’s willingness to submit. Since Beth is in town on business it’s to be a short term affair from the onset and they quickly iron out what each expects from the other. Sean is at first cool with this set up, he finally gets to explore his deepest, hidden fantasies with no strings attached. Our couple meet several more times, with each encounter more intense then the last before one final weekend together in Vegas.

Now the switch part (someone who will both Dom and sub) comes into play because poor Sean (of course) falls in love with Beth, recognizing that they could have much more then just ‘fun with scarves’ together. However unbeknownst to him Beth needs a man who will occasionally Dom her as well and she just doesn’t think Sean is up to it. Will Sean be able to “switch” and fulfill Beth’s fantasies as well?

Yuppers I can recommend this one, a hot, sensual and satisfying read. Cheers