Great addition to the series

Love & Loyalty - Tere Michaels

Opening Line: "James "Jim to almost everyone" Shea moved quickly through the throng of reporters and gawkers camped out on the front steps of the Seattle courthouse."


Tere Michaels has done it again, another great read, sucking me in completly with her richly developed characters and well written romance. This isn’t necessarily a sequel to FAITH & FIDELITY (although that is where we first met James “Jim” Shea) and could easily be read as stand alone. Although in saying that you wouldn’t want to miss F&F because its fantastic and easily one of my all time favourite romances gay or straight. Anyways where was I? Oh right, Love & Loyalty.


Jim and Griffin, what a treat it was to watch these two fall in love, graduating from one long sleepover date to actually admitting they had a boyfriend. (That B word is a big deal here) Neither has been particularly lucky in love so while they do have immediate chemistry together, and act on it accordingly their ensuing romance develops at a gradual and realistic pace.



Michael’s doesn’t give us a lot of sex scenes after their first long drawn out night together and except for the fact that this is M/M romance I wouldn’t even classify it as erotic. Its more a character driven story which is where Michaels shines; writing such multi-dimensional characters (including the secondary ones) that you feel like you know them and all their little idiosyncrasies. I particularly enjoyed Jim’s partner Terry and his well meaning but intrusive wife, their banter is really funny. This isn’t as emotionally deep as F&F and Griffin’s movie deal side plot gets a little weak at times but it’s still a well written and highly absorbing story.


Seattle homicide Detective Jim Shea is a workaholic, although up until now he’s been able to leave it at the office. His latest case however has done a number on him and while it may be over its gotten way under his skin, leaving him filled with guilt about the outcome and tied to victims dying father.


When Hollywood comes looking to make a movie out of this tragedy screen writer Griffin Drake enters the picture, seizing the opportunity as his big break to finally write something real. In order to get the family’s story though he’s first got to get through the protective Jim Shea .The fact that they’re both gay is just going to make schmoozing him over dinner all that much sweeter.


Neither one expected much to come out of their first date, (is this a date?) and neither of them has been in a long term relationship before but Griffin doesn’t want to leave Jim’s apartment (he’s finally writing) and Jim’s surprised himself by enjoying having him there. Lies, death and broken trust threaten their new relationship and it’s a sweet ride. Cheers people.