Better than average (although kinda unremarkable) reissued Brockmann

Nowhere to Run: Not Without Risk / A Man to Die For - Suzanne Brockmann

Opening Line: "Emily Marshall was in the bathroom. No, not the bathroom, the head."          


Nowhere To Run is a double reissue of two of Brockmann’s earlier titles. Both were originally published in 1995 but stand up pretty well today. There’s nothing super remarkable about either of these stories but it is Brockmann so you know the writings above average and while they’re fairly simple in the plot department they’re also credible, romantic and ultimately satisfying. She always manages to add these little details to her characters that make them more relatable and damn if she doesn’t continually create to die for heroes; Sexy, mysterious, self-sacrificing and always willing to shed a tear in the name of love. I think I’ve fallen for every single one of them. 

Here we get to know police partners Jim Keegan and Felipe Salazar as they protect their potential lady loves from the bad guys and fall hard in the process. The sunny Florida setting here was fantastic, a nice bit of escapism (for a snowbird like myself) with palm fronds, sandy beaches and loads of action on boats and the clear blue seas of the Gulf of Mexico.

First up was NOT WITHOUT RISK (3 stars) which gives us school teacher Emily Marshall and Jim’s story. Lovers 7 years ago, Jim broke Emily’s heart but as it turns out he had his reasons (they always do!) Jim’s never quite gotten over Emily while she’s still in the anger phase. This may have something to do with how he ended things the morning after they first slept together. Anyways, when Emily discovers that her new wealthy boyfriend is importing drugs she goes to the police, willing to do anything to keep them off the streets and away from her students.

Seems simple enough, allowing one of officers to pose as he brother to gain access to the yacht where all the deals seem to be going down. But hello, wouldn’t you just know it Jim, her Jim, Jim from 7 years ago is the one assigned to go undercover. Looks like she’ll finally learn why he left. Gotta admit his reasons surprised me. Jim cries quite a bit here, a little too much and Emily plays the anger card a little long but I enjoyed the suspense in this one, a bomb on a boat always assures some fun times.

The second book is A MAN TO DIE FOR (5 stars) and I loved this one; Carrie Brooks and yummy undercover bad boy Detective Felipe. Carrie is leaving her job at Seaworld when she stumbles upon a gang of bad guys, when it looks like they’re going to do bad things to her their leader locks her in the trunk of a car to protect her. Weeks later she spots “Carlos” at a black tie event and blows his cover with the crime syndicate he’s infiltrating, sending them both on the run. Felipe is super yummy all messed up because he’s been undercover for so long he doesn’t really know who he is anymore. Great secondary characters and a running theme with “Te Amo” which Felipe says to Carrie way too early during a night of unexpected passion and then spends the rest of the book afraid she’ll find out what it means. It was so romantic!

“She pushed his hair back from his face in a gentle, loving caress. It warmed him, and he smiled back at her, whispering words of endearment in Spanish—words he wouldn’t have dared say to her in a language she could understand.” “Te amo. Te adoro.”

Yup with to die for heroes, well written romance and a credible plot as with all of Brockmann’s stories (even these older ones) you can’t go wrong. Cheers.