Surprisingly good time travel romance

Anything for Love - Jane Goodger

Opening Line: “Victoria Ashford ran a slender finger across the line of her jaw, her cool grey eyes studying that small bit of smooth, perfect skin.”

I picked this one up second hand and enjoyed it way more than I expected to despite a few moments (where the time travel is concerned) when I had to just “go with it” and not ask too many hard questions. The writing is good and the story kept me guessing with numerous twists and turns. I also really liked the heroine in both eras, as she takes the form here of a poor Irish immigrant from the 1890’s as well as a supermodel from our time. The hero was pretty good too, all hunky, brooding beta but still willing to do almost anything to keep the woman he loves while also trying to control a “passion that burns hotter than fire” –or at least that's what the back blurb says.
Supermodel Victoria Ashford is on the top of the world after landing a huge perfume contract, her perfect face will be everywhere in the coming months and the massive paycheck that comes along with it feels like a bonus. The media blitz is just beginning when Victoria decides to celebrate with friends in her New York apartment; however tragedy strikes that night in the form of a horrific fire, leaving the beauty alive but permanently scarred and disfigured.

Two years and countless surgeries later Victoria is now all but homebound; depressed and in constant pain she longs for death, edging closer to suicide daily especially after her distorted face turns up in the tabloids. On a whim her best friend convinces Victoria to seek the help of Dr. Wing, a mystic who claims to be able to give his clients a new life. Victoria is of course skeptical but with nothing to lose she accepts his rules with a solemn vow (she can’t marry, have children, murder anyone or tell anyone who she really is as that would change the course of history) She will also have to die to begin her new life.

The actual “hows” of the time travel are a little vague but next thing we know Victoria finds herself residing in the body of Sheila Casey who is about to give birth in 1898 Boston. After giving the baby up for adoption to Jack and Cristina Wilkins “Sheila” finds work as a scullery maid –which I’m assuming would be a sucky job for a supermodel. Anyways, even through the baby isn’t really hers she can’t seem to stop thinking about her new “daughter” and goes about trying to find her.

At around the same time Sheila/Victoria is washing dishes and peeling potatoes frail, sickly Christina Wilkins dies and poor ole Jack needs a nurse to care for his ever crying baby. As luck would have it the baby immediately quiets when Victoria enters the room, Jack of course hires the saucy red head on the spot and together they enter into a quiet friendship which quickly crosses the lines of what’s acceptable between wealthy widower and nursemaid.

Now Victoria’s in a pickle; she’s fallen in love but she can’t ever marry, Jack’s bitch of a sister in-law has set her beady eyes on him as future husband material –making Victoria’s life a living hell and if Jacks guilt over never having truly loved his dead wife weren’t enough now the baby’s father has shown up with all manner of blackmail and bad doery promised.  How will these star crossed lovers ever get their HEA?