So good. Amnesia, humour, and romance

Identity: Unknown - Suzanne Brockmann

Opening line “Hey, Hey, Hey There, Mission Man! How ya doin’, Baby? Rise and shine!"


Oh this was just so good, another fantastic addition (#8) to the Tall Dark & Dangerous series. Each book just seems to get better and better and I found myself constantly smiling through this one as Suzanne Brockmann tackles amnesia, giving Mitchell Shaw’s story a real Bourne Identity flavour with a romantic edge.



 There were a lot of things to like about Identity: Unknown, apart from the obvious hunky Navy Seal hero that is. The story itself is really good and there are all these wonderful side moments too; including some hilarious banter between the SEAL team members sent to find Mitch. We also get several welcome updates and cameos from past characters and spend time on a dude ranch, which was a fun departure. As usual Brockman creates absolutely sigh-worthy romantic dialogue and sizzling love scenes but here also manages to maintain an element of suspense. As we pick up the pieces of Mitch’s memory and learn everything right along with him; what he’s doing in New Mexico, who shot him and why and ultimately who he is. Its all cleverly done.


I think one of my favourite moments though (other then the Star Wars-Mitch has gone to the Dark side line) would have to be the discovery of a priests collar among Mitch’s belongings. He and Becca have just spent several nights of passion together and now Becca feels terrible because she seduced him, subsequently breaking his vows. Throughout Mitch keeps proclaiming; I just know I’m not a priest, hilarious and uncomfortable to say the least. Speaking of Becca she was great heroine; funny, tough and goes after what she wants which makes her the perfect match for our absent minded hero.


Shaw joins us from a church homeless shelter, he’s dirty, bloody, in pain and apparently hung-over but worst of all when he looks in the mirror “Mish” has absolutely no idea who the man looking back at him is. The items in his possession are of little help; an address, a gun and five thousand dollars in cash. The address leads him to the lazy 8 Ranch where manager Becca Keyes just assumes he’s her hired hand Casey Parker and Mish of course doesn’t know any better, maybe he is? Sparks fly immediately between our pair even though its obvious Mish is useless on a horse, he is however awesome at rescuing small children caught in flash floods and knows a lot about guns.


 Mish tries to keep his distance from Becca because after the dreams he’s been having he’s pretty sure he’s a very, very bad man however Becca is determined to seduce him. Eventually our couple end up getting all down and dirty at the local motel while trying to figure out how to get into locker 101 at the bus station without tipping off the 3 men Mitch has spotted staking it out. He’s pretty sure they’re the bad guys; they are of course Lucky, Bobby and Wes who’ve been following his trail of marked cash and need to bring him in before the real Casey Parker gets him, unless he’s gone to the Dark side that is… Cheers people.


This story is also available in the recent 2 in1 re-release Tall Dark and Daring along with The Admiral's Bride (which is also super good)