Lots of twists

Evernight  - Claudia Gray

Opening Line: “It was the first day of school, which meant it was my last chance to escape.”


This had been sitting on my bookshelf for a couple of years, I guess I bought it during the whole Twilight/vampire craze, I don’t remember. Anyways I finally got around to reading it and it took me ages to get through although I can’t quite put my finger on why? Could be that I’m just done with this type of story, you know teens and angst and high school drama with a side of vampires, plus this was just missing… something. It also has a couple of huge twists, like game changing twists so that you have to rethink everything and that kind of annoyed me


The first half is also fairly slow going, while our heroine adjusts to her new school; it did pick up later on but with yet another major twist. Claudia Gray sure likes to shake things up and keep you guessing. By the second surprise revelation however I was ready for just about anything. I did like the ending, a little heartbreaking but with hope, leaving a great opening for the next instalment. In all honesty I probably would have enjoyed this more if I’d read it back when I bought it.

Bianca Oliver doesn’t fit it in, finding herself enrolled in the eerie and elite Evernight boarding Academy. I mean all the students are beautiful here; rich and polished and well-travelled, just about everything she is not. Bianca is a self-confessed homebody, awkward in her own skin and much happier with her books and parents then the outside world. When her parents both take teaching positions at Evernight (as if she didn’t already have enough reason to be singled out by the other students) she is reluctantly forced into the world, stuck at this strange gothic academy.

There is a definite “in” crowd at Evernight with her gorgeous, perfect (and kinda bitchy) roommate being one of “them” On her first day (as she contemplates running away) Bianca meets another outcast, Lucas. He is a total mystery and hot in that RPatz sort of way. Lucas is also suspicious of everyone at school and weirdly concerned for Bianca’s safety. Of course no Vampiric YA romance is complete without a love triangle so enter Balthazar (I love that name) he is the safe one, the sure one, the one that Bianca should be with but of course the one she tosses over for bad boy Lucas.

Wow I can’t really say much else here because of all the shocks, surprises and downright twistiness involved in this plotline. I will say that Evernight is not what it seems but for that matter neither are any of its students.

I can tell you that I enjoyed the romance, ill-fated lovers and all that and Bianca didn’t annoy me, as some teen heroines tend to do. She was actually relatable (for a while) I also really enjoyed some of the Vampire lore and specific world rules created here. Head mistress Mrs. Bethany also became one of my surprise favourite characters; she is super scary and kinda awesome all in one. Cheers 349jb3