WARD'S excellent in this 3rd from her Moorehouse series

From the First - Jessica Bird

Opening Line: "Alex Moorehouse had no intention of answering the knock on the bedroom door."


I ve absolutely fallen in love with this series and From The First is now included as one of my all time favourite romances ever. It is book 3 in the Moorehouse Legacy which I discovered through being a fan of JR Ward and her Black Dagger Brotherhood. Each book just gets better and with this instalment we finally get wounded and grief stricken brother Alex`s story and wow its good.

Alex Moorehouse has been with us throughout as we watched his sisters find true love and I've always wondered about him. As the physically and emotionally injured sailing champion he was abrupt, harsh and distant. Spending time with a bottle while his shattered leg healed and his mood worsened. He reminds me of (for all you Ward fans) a delicious combination of Zsadist and Phury and how awesome is that!

Alex has been in love with his sailing partner and best friend Reese's wife for 6 long years and coveting her from afar is pure torture. On the rare occasions when he's forced to spend time with her, he's flat-out rude for fear that one of them will see the truth in his eyes. Ever since the accident Alex has been in a living hell because although Reese is now dead in Alex's mind his wife is still very much married and as much as he wants her he can never have her, she is forbidden.

Cassandra has just taken a new job overseeing the rebuilding of the Moorehouse B&B, she's looking forward to getting out of New York and spending some quiet time by the lake. Everything would be just perfect except for Alex. The eldest Moorehouse is still living on the property and as much as he unnerves her she's going to have to see him everyday. She just doesn't understand why he hates her so much? Why does he pull her closer one moment only to push her away in the next? And what secrets is he hiding behind those anguished yet yearning eyes? It's a winding road our couple face as the secrets pile up and one nights promise of passion spirals into a lifetime of wanting more. Will Cassandra still love him when she finds out the truth about the night her husband died? And will Alex ever be able to overcome the guilt and let her in if she does?

This is a great read that will have you will falling in love with Alex and through some clever writing on Bird's part be left wondering about the night Reese died until the very last chapter. There are also many familiar threads beginning here that were only brought to their full creation within the BDB and I can't recommend this series enough to Ward fans (and romance lovers alike) I would however recommend reading them in order. Cheers!

Here's the correct reading order
(The Moorehouse Legacy)
1-Beauty And The Black Sheep
2-His comfort and Joy
3-From The First
4-A Man In A Million

(The O'Banyon Brothers)Bird/Ward has never completed series
1-The Billionaire Next Door