(Don't fear) The Red Reaper

One Foot in the Grave - Jeaniene Frost

Opening Line: "I waited outside the large four-story home in Manhasset that was owned by a Mr Liam Flannery."

Gah… This was just all kinds of ways good, the question here is why did I leave the delicious and uber sexy Bones sitting on my TBR shelf for so long? I mean I already knew this was going to be great, I figured Cat was going to kick some major ass and I’d heard all kinds of rumours about the infamous chapter 32 So why the wait?? I just don’t have an answer. Anyways my thanks to SheSwitches who finally got me to read this second part in the Night Huntress series.

So where to begin? How about awesome, exciting, erotic, hilarious, bloody, sigh-worthy, movie-worthy, clever, romantic, thrilling, passionate, vengeful, intense, emotional, surprising, freakin fantastic and ultimately addictive. One Foot In The Grave gave me everything I could possibly want in a paranormal romance and then some.

Half Vampire Cat Crawfield is now working for an underground section of the government. She and her team help rid the world of those bad rogue Vampires. You know the ones that use humans as hors d'oeuvres. When we begin Cat hasn’t seen her beloved Bones in 4 years although she’s still using everything he taught her, still quick with a dagger and still slaying readers with witty one-liners.

One of the great parts of this book is the anticipation the reader feels waiting and wondering when and just how they’re going to get back together. And I will admit I was surprised at seeing this softer broken side of Cat that still pined for Bones (Who wouldn’t?) Ultimately their reunion is everything you’d hope for; violent, romantic, hilarious and very sexy. (It also left me craving a Gin) Bones is once more unwavering in his love for Cat, luscious to listen to and retains his title as my ultimate literary boyfriend.

With Bones back in her life Cat now has some explaining to do. Like why is he still alive? There are more pressing issues to deal with though and with her team “merely” human the only one able to protect her from the master Vampire who’s targeted her for assassination is Bones. All Cat’s got to do is train and keep her team alive, deal with that pesky hit man, do full contact Pilates with Bone’s ex and kill her father. All without losing Bones again in the process.

So as you’ve guessed I loved this and although I’m not one for the tough action heroines Cat in a brawl with the bodies piling up is just too awesome and that last battle with the 7ft Grendel is something else. My only complaint here would have to be Cat’s mother and her continued arguments with Bones which both annoyed and bored me. However we’re given a bunch of fabulous new secondary characters to drool over, who I hope to continue getting to know as the series continues. In particular the newly transformed Dave (although I adored the entire team) and a couple of charming new Vamps. And I promise I won’t keep Bones on the shelf for another year. Cheers