Love me some Bones

At Grave's End - Jeaniene Frost

Opening Line: "The man smiled and I let my gaze linger over his face."


AT GRAVES END is the 3rd addition to the Night Huntress series and damn I’ve missed me some Bones. He remains one of my favourite literary boyfriends even though this particular instalment never really grabbed me. If you’re a fan of non-stop action and tons of bloodshed you’ll love this one but for me it was just too much.

With a different battle waging and new characters introduced every couple of pages I had a hard time getting into the flow of this story. The entire book just jumps straight from one action sequence into the next without any build up and very little story in between events. It was; end one action filled sequence in a limo, start another at an amusement park, chaos in the movie theatre, exploding vamps during their annual general meeting. Bones opens a vein to heal Cat’s wounds and off they go again. This was exhausting.

But still there was Bones and his unwavering love for Cat. Sigh. I just wish they’d had a little more quiet time together if you know what I mean. Sure there was a lot to like here too, maybe too much now that I think about it; the zombie sequence towards the end was just… wow, crazy and awesome too, then there was Cat and Tate faking it in the limo and Bones peeling the roof off! I found myself completly engaged in the story when "someone" died but that was probably due to the fact that things slowed down enough while everybody regrouped we were allowed some introspection and character development.

Speaking of which there are a lot of characters to keep track of here, and I’m sorry to say that because all any of them ever did was fight I never felt like I really got to know any of them. Although Vlad managed to stand out and has become a new favourite.

There are the usual awesome one-liners and Jeanine ups the ante this time in the cool vampire powers and abilities department (who knew there were so many ways to destroy and regenerate a body?) We get makeup sex, reunion sex -although none of it very romantic and jeez do I ever want to have an argument with Bones if that’s how he goes about it… way better than yelling and throwing stuff.