Fun and games at the Bar 9

Rode Hard, Put Up Wet (Rough Riders) Rode Hard, Put Up Wet - Lorelei James

Opening line:"That horse nearly throwed you clean into the funeral parlour, boy."


Giddy-up Cowgirls, Welcome to another deliciously hot read from Lorelei James’s addictive Roughriders. This is book 2 in the series although for some reason I missed it the first time through. So now even though I’m up to book 9, I had a super fun time going back to the beginning and revisiting the delicious McKay boys before they all grew up, got married and started acting responsible and repopulating most of Wyoming. With Rode Hard Put Up Wet we of course get all-kinds-of-ways hot and steamy cowboy lovin but here we also get the added bonus of a two-four. As in 2 couples finding love and passion in 1 sexy story and how great is that!


We met our first couple; Gemma and Big Cash Crow in LONG HARD RIDE and although they’re older in the traditional sense (30’s & 40’s) both still very much have the “it” factor when it comes to spice in the bedroom. I loved their story and definitely preferred it out of the two. Cash even gave me a couple of *sigh* moments when he finally turned the lights on and opened his eyes… Their romance is about second chances, no matter what stage of life you’re in.


Explosive, impulsive, selfish, jealous, unsure, intense and at times downright annoying; Cash’s daughter Macie and self-centered artist Carter McKay as our second couple personified young love. This pair was all over the place with their emotions and a ton of fun to watch as I never knew what they were going to do next. I had a seriously tough time liking Carter though --as Macie often says “He’s a dumbass” Finding him immature and for the most part just an idiot. Cash on the other hand is all MAN...


Widow Gemma Jansen is looking for someone to help manage her ranch, luckily she knows just the sweet cowboy for the job. Cash Big Crow has just retired from the rodeo circuit and is looking to reconnect with his grown daughter Macie. Going to work for Gemma might be just the answer everyone’s looking for. Giving Cash and Macie the opportunity to settle in one place and get to know each other and Gemma the hired hand she needs. Of course before Cash agrees he has a few non-negotiable conditions; theres won’t be a strictly working relationship, Gemma might be the boss lady during the day but once in the bedroom Cash is going to be in charge, no questions asked.



To complete our foursome we’re also introduced to ranch hand and I’m too sexy for my boots/tortured artist Carter McKay. He takes one look at Macie and realizes he’s found his perfect muse. The artist in him begging to paint her, sculpt her and just plain have her. This doesn’t sit well with Cash, he knows all to well the reputations of those hard living, womanizing McKay boys and there ain’t no way one of them is getting near his daughter. Oh theres sure to be fun and games and even a few dust ups at the Bar-9 this summer.


As much as I enjoyed this it certainly wasn’t my favourite in the series and it took me a while to figure out why I was having a harder time connecting with this story. But with 2 couples and 4 POV’s it just wasn’t as tight. And with all the switching back and forth neither couple ever felt complete. Anyways, a very small gripe for another great instalment.