LOL funny, addictively hard to put down

Remember Me? - Sophie Kinsella

Opening Line: “How long have I been awake? Is it morning yet? I feel so rough. What happened last night? God my head hurts.”

This was a super fun read as all of Kinsella’s books are. Not too much brain-power needed, just a good time so if you’re in the mood for chick-lit it doesn’t get much better than this.

REMEMBER ME was addictively hard to put down as well as LOL funny in places and I got sucked right into the chaos of the heroine’s life and the double romance. Imagine not remembering that you’re having an affair.

Lexi Smart is having a crappy night, in her words “On a scale of one to ten we’re talking …a minus six. And it’s not like I even have very high standards.”

Standing in the rain after a night out clubbing with friends, Lexi just wants to find a taxi, get home and kick off her agonizing boots. Yup, it’s been a crap day all right, her boyfriend (Loser Dave) stood her up and her second-rate job managed to screw her out of the Christmas bonus on a technicality. Tomorrow promises to be even worse though, it’s her father’s funeral. Before she can moan about the state of her life any further Lexi tops the night off by slipping on the wet street and tumbling down a flight of stairs.

When Lexi wakes up she’s in a London hospital, but hold on something’s a little off…she’s in a private room and her nails are manicured, her teeth are perfect (guess they can’t call her Snaggletooth anymore) her body is toned and thin (squeal) and her handbag is Vuitton.

The nurse also mentioned that she was in a car accident (in a Mercedes no less) but Lexi can’t drive and she definitely can’t afford that car or that purse. When her Mother and sister show up Lexi starts to panic because her mother looks strange and damn, what’s happened to her little sister, she’s all grown up?

As the Doctors explain it Lexi is suffering from amnesia and is missing the last 3 years of her life which would mean she’s now…28 (sob) but it’s not all bad because somehow in that time she’s married a hunky multimillionaire and become a cooperate big shot. Apparently she now lives in a Kensington loft and has a personal assistant and a trainer and new puffy lips and a carb free diet and glamorous new friends (what about her old friends and toast?)

Lexi’s got a ton of catching up to do if she’s going to make this exciting new life work and she might just pull it off. But she misses her friends (they won’t even talk to her anymore) and toast (sigh) and can’t understand how she become that bitch “The Cobra” at the office and this is all before Jon the architect shows up. Yeah Jon, the guy she’s supposedly having an affair with and is going to leave her husband for.

This book just hit the spot. Cheers