Hothead is just hot

Hot Head (Head #1) - Damon Suede

Opening Line: "Griff saw the whole fight before the first punch landed.

This is a must read for fans of the genre and up there with some of the best M/M romance going. I picked it up based on glowing reviews from well, everyone and a buzz in general for author Damon Suede.

Hothead has one of my favourite romance tropes, that of the gay-for you angle and it’s done super well here. Believable and not overly angsty as we watch firefighter Griff Muir struggle with feelings for his best friend (and ladies man) Dante Anastagio. They both work for FDNY Ladder 181 and have a long history together but it was only after Sept 11 that Griff realized what he felt went deeper than a bud to watch football and eat Sunday dinners with.

He’s in love and at this point -10 years later willing to do almost anything for Dante even if that includes (the worst idea ever) to appear together for a gay porn website so Dante can pay the mortgage. Griff is going to have to act his ass off, and guard his heart if he’s to live out his darkest fantasies for real on

The chemistry here is off the charts hot; jeez that initial kiss in the firehouse just killed me and while I’m not one for the gingers… damn could Griff ever rock a kilt! Hmmm. Just such a good guy as well, almost to a fault. Dante was a bit harder for me to get a feel for; he’s kinda all over the place, at times selfish, immature and cocky, a perfect match for Griff’s thoughtfulness actually.

If I’m honest this did start out a little slow and convoluted but steadily grew on me so that I was completely caught up in the romance and all aspects of our couple’s lives. I should mention that the secondary characters here are excellent; Dante’s extended Italian family, in particular his sister -hilarious, the Russian porn director who surprise, is a nice guy after all and even the no nonsense lesbian photographer piqued my interest.

I was left with a couple of questions though; why did Damon Suede never write about their first porn shoot together? I mean I wanted details, especially after Dante’s solo shoot was described in (pages of) intimate detail. I kept waiting for it to be brought back up or remembered by one of the guys after the fact but no. I just thought it was weird to leave it out because it was such a big deal.

At the end I was also left very curious as to what happened to this couple in the future –which to me is always the sign of a great read, when you’re left wondering and then what happened? Cheers