Unique vampire tale -old school horror style

Kindred - John Gideon

This was one of those second hand bookstore impulse buys. It reads like Stephen King or Dean Koontz, back in the day with an interesting good vs evil horror story revolving around vampires and a wounded Vietnam veteran.

The first part of takes place in Vietnam and it is there in the jungle that Lewis Kindred confronts for the first time the horror that will haunt him for the next twenty-five years. Following him back to his home in Portland Oregon and ultimately almost destroying his very soul. The evil known as the man, Gamaliel Cartee.

Back in the world Lewis bears the scars of war, now crippled and bitter he befriends his neighbour, a teenager named Josh. Josh ultimately becomes a main character as he and his friend Nicole pursue the destructive Gamaliel in his new form that of the beautiful Millie, all the while trying to gather information about a supposed murder. Poker plays a huge role in this story as does a red orb which has powers all of its own. Both will eventually change Lewis’ life forever.

The huge cast of secondary characters are all well-developed and the many POV'S made for a highly entertaining read. The mystery all comes together very nicely in the end with quite a few surprises along the way.

Kindred is a unique vampire tale with a good bad guy, well characterized secondary characters and a hero that you'll most certainly empathize with.