Hard Evidence - Pamela Clare

Opening Line: “Coffee was Tessa Novak’s heroin.”

This was so good, and once again I have to thank everyone who kept recommending this series to me, I’m just sorry now I waited so long to start it. And Pamela Clare thanks for writing yet another amazing book, it seems that you can do no wrong, as this was a superbly written, exciting, intelligent, intriguing, suspenseful and oh so sexy story. And holy hell with the heroes; these men of yours just keep getting yummier.

Hard evidence was unputdownable from the very first pages, just excellent romantic suspense that never dumbs down the reader, actually I think that’s what I appreciate most (besides the smoking hot love scenes that is) the fact that Clare writes a real story with relatable characters that you can believe in faults and all.

Book 2 from the I-team series has an all-round darker tone than (Extreme Exposure). This is probably due in part to the horrific storyline involving human trafficking. Don’t get me wrong Clare still manages to give us some lighter moments and the love scenes … but our hero here is hardened and cynical after spending years as an undercover FBI agent, paying the price emotionally for living and breathing prostitution, strip clubs and Russian mobsters. Actually come to think of it both the H/h had pretty messed up childhoods which makes it that much more poignant when they get together. This is a couple you can really cheer for and watching our big, tough undercover cop let down his defences and fall in love,* Big Sigh*.

Rather than write a synopsis (as there are already so many amazing reviews) I’ll leave you with this quote from Tessa, which explains things pretty well. Cheers

“Tessa didn’t have time for a family reunion. Her world was already in chaos. She’d witnessed a murder. She was in the middle of an investigation. Some crazy man had followed her into her home and groped her. And she might be well on her way to becoming infatuated with a man who was interested in her only for sex. The last thing she needed was her mother –or any part of Rosebud Texas –back in her hard won life.”

Can’t recommend enough.