Yeah, I drank the cool-aid.

Fifty Shades Darker  - E.L. James

Opening Line: "I have survived day three post-Christian, and my first day at work."

Okay now I get what all the fuss has been about. I’m so glad I decided to continue on with this series after the confusion and bizarreness of ”Grey”. That book was just all over the place for me, very juvenile, and well weird, I think I actually called it YA erotica. Thankfully the characters and writing has matured here and because of this “Darker” turned out to be just a fantastic read. Granted I am a sucker when it comes to the tortured, messed up heroes and with Christian I couldn’t ask for any more shades of f-d up. Especially with his past slowly being reveled throughout, yup, I fell hard.

His lifestyle choices and need for absolute control finally made sense to me so that he didn’t just come across as overbearing and stalkerish. His actions actually made me sad. That scene where he falls to his knees and begs Ana not to leave him and submits to her… Jeez so unexpected and heartbreaking. I actually fell a bit in love with him myself there. Up until that point his over protective, stalker tendencies had kept me wary. Even Ana grew on me here, finally having grown a pair she at last became a worthy companion for Christian and ultimately the one in control of the relationship. Who woulda guessed?

I liked that this story involved a bit of suspense, and I enjoyed a return to the emails which as well as being fun and playful were a way for our characters to show their true selves while hiding behind the mean machine and Blackberry. Ana’s triple axel, back flipping, pouting, cheering inner goddess again kept me in stiches.

On a personal note I would have kept Ana and Christian broken up a bit longer. I mean what was it, like 5 days? Hardly worthy of all the angst and weight loss, plus a longer separation would have made their getting back together that much more meaningful and explained how they were able to grow and be willing to change for each other to not have to face that pain again. I guess I’m also just a bit twisted because I wanted to see them heartbroken, making bad decisions and missing each other longer.

My only real issue with “Darker” would be the very last scene which felt tagged on solely for the purpose of introducing a third book, it was unnecessary. We the readers were already going there. Cheers