Thought provoking, unique, amazing and just wow

Broken - Megan Hart

Opening line: "This month my name is Mary and apparently, I'm as contrary as the nursery rhyme"


Broken is one of the most amazing books I’ve read in a long time, and author Megan Hart, well wow, I’m just in love with her writing. Reading Broken felt like eating dessert or chocolate, as she has a way of making her words delicious. So perfectly descriptive and achingly beautiful, I only wish I could put my muddled thoughts into sentences the way she does.


This is a unique, very real and somewhat heartbreaking story that will definitely make you stop and think and although categorized as erotica I never felt that the sex scenes were gratuitous instead they seemed to help move the story along which lets be honest is a rare thing. Really, it’s unfortunate that this needs a label at all because it is just so much more the erotica or romance or even a tragic love story -yet it is also all of these.



 Despite the complex subject matter I also think we could all find a piece of ourselves in Hart’s multi-dimensional characters. In fact I became so involved with the characters that I felt like I knew them and literally ached along with them. They also had me laughing, crying, sighing, feeling angry, surprised and more then once left me downright stunned. When an author can pull actual emotions out of me then yeah, she’s got a fan.


Sadie and Joe first met on their lunch break, two strangers each needing something from the other. Now over the course of their evolving friendship they continue to meet once a month on an atrium bench and over a bagged lunch Joe tells Sadie about his latest sexual conquest. As the reader we get to hear Joe’s erotic story in first person from his female companions POV (this month my name is Brandy etc…) Joe’s character is left vague in the beginning, because this is after all Sadie’s story however as she gets to know him better so do we, picking up tidbits about his life from his sensual accounts. This stranger that Sadie can’t stop herself from meeting, in the end becomes a fully rounded empathetic character.


Sadie knows that she’s deceiving her husband by living vicariously through Joe’s stories yet she hasn’t physically cheated and at this point it’s the one bright spot in her life helping her deal with a stressful, sleepless and for the most part crumbling marriage.


Sadie met Adam in college and while we do get a few flashbacks to them as young lovers and a general feel for who they were as a couple in and out of the bedroom I personally would like to have seen a bit more of their relationship before Adams skiing accident rendered him a quadriplegic and changed things forever.



Their relationship is complex and Hart is genius here at peeling back the many layers of a marriage that has persevered when so many would have failed. We get Adams seclusion, rage and utter frustration with his body and the world in general, Sadie’s loneliness, guilt, fear and coping mechanisms. I felt like a fly on the wall with this couple, yes it was uncomfortable to bare witness to at times, but also magnificent. I’m really not going to say much else here as this is worth discovering on your own.


This was an absolute pleasure to read and as Megan Harts newest fan girl I’ll definitely be coming back for more. Cheers!