Fans of Virgin River will be happy

Moonlight Road (Virgin River) - Robyn Carr

Opening Line: "In the two weeks Aiden Riordan had been in Virgin River, he's hiked over a hundred miles and grown himself a pretty hefty dark red beard."


Erin Foley’s character was first introduced to the Virgin River series way back in book #4 (Virgin River Christmas) Now she’s back and a whole lot nicer for book #10 (if you‘re counting)


After raising her younger siblings then watching them marry and settle into their own lives Erin is now without any responsibilities for the first time in her adult life and subsequently is suffering empty nest syndrome at the ripe ole age of 35. She’s at a crossroads and with no idea how to face her future she puts her career on hold, renovates her brother in law Ian’s cabin and settles in for the summer. Planning on doing all those fun things she’d never had time for before. The only problem is Erin doesn’t know how to just sit back and watch the sun set.



But this is Virgin River after all and before long a scruffy looking, machete welding former navy man and now unemployed Doctor comes crashing through the bush and into her garden. Sparks don’t fly immediately with this pair as Robyn Carr always has her heroines thinking the hero is someone he’s not before he shaves off the beard and reveals his true self. But through circumstances they manage to find their way together and begin a sweet summer romance. However when Aiden’s crazy ex-wife suddenly turns up, claiming they’re still married it quickly buts a kink in their affair.

Virgin River fans will appreciate trips to Jacks Bar and the many cameos/updates from past characters. Yes Mel, the one we all love to hate (or have just plain had enough of) is also back with a substantial subplot involving a uterus, in-vitro fertilization and adoption. Yup theres still lots of woman talk here. Theres also a sweet story involving mentally challenged adults and marriage.


Unfortunately I never felt a real connection between Erin and Adien, their romance seemed lukewarm to me which could be due in part to the fact that Aiden is a gynaecologist (did I forget to mention that?) Anyways that kind of took the sexy out of their love scenes, listening to Aiden anatomically describe Erin’s girl bits while helping get her ‘there’ for the first time with a man sure ruined the moment. I also honestly don’t remember Erin ever telling Aiden she loved him.


As with all Carr books a couple of babies are born and here I could really have done without the graphically described, medically correct, breach, episiotomy getting home birth. This may just have scarred me for life. Yikes. Carr also decides in the closing chapters that its time for a little suspense and ups the crazy factor with Aiden’s ex-wife and while this was fun it also felt thrown in, rushed and slightly over the top.


Still I think fans of the series will be happy to come home to Virgin River.