This was amazing -highly recommended

Spun - Catherine McKenzie

Opening Line:This is how it starts. It’s the end of a long day, one of those craptastic ones you wish you could fast-forward past the bad parts…”

Holy hell this was good!
Not what I was expecting and full of surprises; it's a love story and a tragedy. Its little girl lost and I wish it had been longer.

Amber Sheppard has been sober for two years. Not that you’d believe it if you read anything on social media or picked up a gossip magazine these days. The Paparazzi still always managed to catch her at her worst, and make a front page story out of it. This former It Girl has been trying to get her life back on track, trying to land a decent role but casting agents won’t touch her anymore and today she’s been coerced into being the face of some crappy new perfume called “Fabulous”. Amber is anything but fabulous these days. But it pays the bills and her career is at a standstill.

So for the past twelve hours she’s been running through an abandoned warehouse trying to look scared or devastated or pretentious or psychotic or whatever the hell vision the director had in mind for the ad campaign. During all those hours she’s been trying not to answer her phone, it’s buzzing with yet another message from him. Of course it’s him. It’s always him.

They haven’t spoken for six months and she’s never returned any of his texts but that doesn’t matter. Today is different, today he’s been using their secret language and all his texts say the same thing “meet me baby.” All twelve of them.

Conner Parks, movie star bad boy and the love of her life. Her first crush, first kiss, her reason to breathe. Her family, her everything. Her toxic ruin, her downfall. How can she resist?

“No one said no to Conner when he asked for something. He was like kryptonite to reason.”

The tabloids will of course call this the reunion of the decade if they see her getting on his private jet or anywhere near the airport.

“You’re here.” He says
“I’m here.”
“I knew you’d come.”
I drop my bag on the floor and follow him.
Like I always do.
Like I’ve been doing my whole life."

“He takes a step towards me. He smells like chemicals and Crystal and the worst idea I’ve had in a long time.”

OMG I loved this. Not what I was expecting based on (SPIN) but just fantastic in its own right. Focusing on celebrity train wreck Amber Sheppard who we first met in rehab back in Spin. This is her story 2 years later as she tries to put the mess of her life back together. Spun is (unfortunately) only a novella but jeez what a story Catherine Mackenzie weaves in the pages provided. The tone is very different from the original, missing some of the snark and humour that made that book such a fun read, but this is also a very different story.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers (and Wow in that respect) but I think New Adult fans will love this. Peppered with social media references Amber reads a bit like Lindsey Lohan; a tough, confused, girl who’s made some bad decisions but you can’t look away from her either. Her love affair with Conner is …epic and the final chapter “three minutes past the hour” just killed me, in an ugly cry sort of way, the chapter by chapter playlist included at the end didn’t help either. Read this. Cheers