Excellent re-read

Bitten  - Kelley Armstrong

Opening Line: ”I have to. I’ve been fighting it all night. I’m going to lose.”


I first read this years ago (actually I just realized I have a 1st edition copy) but I couldn’t really remember anything about it except that I’d given it 5 stars and tucked it away in my bookcase so I must have liked it. For whatever reason I never did continue on as Kelly Armstrong released new books but after binge watching (and loving) the TV series (also called Bitten) I decided to read this again.

The TV show follows the book pretty closely (Armstrong is a producer I think) and the casting is perfect; it’s super sexy, with more sex than the book- in a True Blood sort of way. Some of the timeline’s been changed around a bit and Elena’s in Toronto more so subsequently her boyfriend Phil plays a bigger role. It’s a great adaption though, if you get a chance to watch it.
The book in my reread was again fantastic; the writing is super good, told from Elena’s POV you get completely engulfed in all aspects of her world. Her personality coming through in a big way as do all the sub characters too. If I’m honest I didn’t find her particularly likeable, she’s just so angry all the time and her relationship with Clay drove me a bit crazy; she loves him, she hates him, she’s risking her life for him, she wants to kill him, they’re having fantastic sex…again. It was exhausting. I did enjoy Clay though (yum –how could you not?) and his unwavering devotion to Elena is heart wrenching. I also absolutely adored Jeremy, even if he proved to be a bit useless as pack leader in the end.

Bitten is a fairly long book and I’ll admit there were sections that went on and on but I still had a hard time putting this down, and the ending… I just loved the ending, it surprised me because we get a genuine HEA even though this series continues on I felt a sense of closure.

Elena has been living in Toronto for a year, leading a normal human life, the life she has always dreamed of, stable job, nice apartment, nice boyfriend everything is perfect. Of course every couple of weeks she also sneaks out and prowls the city streets as the only female werewolf in existence.

After years struggling with her resentment at having her future stolen away after being bitten by a member of the pack (that subsequently adopted her) Elena has been torn between two worlds. She’s made her escape though, cutting off all contact with them and denying her inhuman urges.

But when the pack calls her home to help defend the territory and leadership of Stonehaven against a group of outlaw mutts she’s obliged to rejoin her ”family,” vowing not to get caught up in pack life again no matter how natural it might feel. Cheers