You can't go wrong with any of theTD&D series

Tall, Dark and Deadly: Get LuckyTaylor's Temptation - Suzanne Brockmann

Opening Line: "It was like being hit by a professional linebacker."


All  the books from this series are super good with fun, sexy, exciting storylines, memorable characters, and sigh worthy endings. Of course then there’s the larger then life Navy SEAL heroes, capable of anything it seems except falling in love easily.

Here we get books 9 & 10 from Brockmann’s Tall Dark and Dangerous series (re-released as a 2-in-1 with a WAY better cover) Using proper military jargon Brockmann gives us delicious alpha-male heroes and just the right amount of action, suspense and sweet romance to keep you coming back for more. And with each story just different enough from the last so that it feels fresh and unique while still connecting the series as a whole, they’re totally addictive too. Each can be read as a stand-alone but I recommend trying to read them in order due to the continuing story arcs, then I dare you not to fall for any member of SEAL Team Ten’s alpha squad.

First up was Get Lucky (Tall, Dark & Dangerous #9) and what a treat it was to watch Love-‘em and leave-‘em specialist Luke “Lucky” O’Donlon grow up and fall in love with a woman that wasn’t Barbie doll perfect.

This gorgeous babe magnet has just turned down a covert mission in Eastern Europe. It’s the kind of plum job that Lucky lives for however with his sister getting married he wants to make sure he’s around to walk her down the aisle. Reassigned to a special task force Lucky’s new job has him working alongside Sydney Jameson. She’s a frustrating yet pretty (in an Annie Hall kinda way) freelance journalist. Syd also just happens to be their only eye witness as she “bumped” into the rapist on his way out of his latest victim’s apartment. To make matters worse all the victims have had the SEAL‘s Budweiser burned into their skin. It looks the bad guy here is going too be one of their own.

With Sydney becoming the bait in their sting operation the pair is forced into a fake relationship, even going so far as fake moving in together. The problem is Lucky likes having her around and likes fake kissing her even more. Yes, the lines between make believe and reality are beginning to blur.

In Taylor's Temptation we begin with Bobby Taylor taking a couple bullets for his best friend and swim buddy Wes Skelly. These guys are close, having been friends since hell week and now able to function almost as one. Finishing each other sentences and relying on the other without question when the shit hit’s the fan. When Wes is called out on the teams latest op he asks the still recovering Bobby to go to Boston and try to talk some sense into his little sister Colleen who has joined an earthquake relief organization and is planning on travelling into a known terrorist hot spot.

Unfortunately Wes doesn’t know just how much he’s asking because Taylor’s had a thing for his best friend’s sister for years and well, now it would just be him. And her. And she’s all grown up and beautiful and sexy as hell and funny and outrageous and she wants him just once, just until he leaves and Wes is going to kill him, Wes should kill him, it might be worth it though. Help!

This was probably my favourite of the stories, The internal dialogue and sexual tension is excellently done as is Bobby’s desire for Colleen and his subsequent guilt and struggles with loyalty to Wes. As always we get updates and brief appearances from the other SEAL team members and even a brief out of country mission. Cheers