Sexy spy thriller & virtual vacation all in one

Agent of Desire - Charlie Evans

Opening Line: “My handler is late. I’m on my third Chardonnay of the evening, waiting in the dimly lit bar of my two-star hotel.”

I went into Agent Of Desire completely blind after receiving an ARC from the author. Lucky me though because this sexy little spy thriller turned out to be a great read. First off I really enjoyed the writing, with its slick, fast paced storyline (containing plenty of twists and turns) and strong, self-assured heroine who goes after what she wants. I’m not usually one for the kickass females but Jessica aka “Lori” kept me smiling here with her witty inner dialogue and veracious sexual appetite.

I think my favourite thing about this novella though would have to be the setting. Ah Paris, and author Charlie Evans does it justice. Her descriptions are just fabulous, in particular the section where “Lori” walks the River Seine at night which managed to transport me back to the city of lights. In that moment I too could smell the French coffee from one of the many café’s and recalled my own reaction at seeing the Eifel tower off in the distance as the entire city reflected off the gently lapping canal.

I guess my only real complaint here would be the lack of any form of sexual tension. Our heroine just gets down to it without any preamble, buildup or even much foreplay. It’s all very alpha and liberating but because of this wham-bam aspect I never felt any real connection to her assorted lovers. Speaking of which she’s a pretty lucky girl because all the men she beds here have huge… is that gunna fit…members. LOL

Jessica Booker is a CIA agent in Paris on her second assignment. In her own words she’s “already over the whole international-woman-of-mystery thing.” After sitting a desk job for the last year in Ireland she’s realized that being a spy is nothing like what you see in the movies and subsequently has been forced to keep herself entertained however and whenever she can.

But Paris is a whole different game and this becomes apparent when her new handler turns out to be none other than the “hot teacher from training camp.” But schools out, he’s no longer her instructor, and now all bets are off.

“Sims takes a sip of his bourbon without breaking eye contact, and I can’t help but feel like he’s drinking me.”

Distractions aside, Jessica does have a job to do. What a shame (wink) that her latest assignment is going to involve seducing a gorgeous French computer genius. Before long she and the hunk are on the run and no one is who they appear to be. Come to think of it, Jessica’s not even sure what she’s protecting anymore. With rogue agents, motorcycle chases, gun play, scaling buildings, and hiding out from double crossing agents she’ll be lucky to come out of this assignment intact. Worst of all she might just be developing feelings for the hottie computer nerd.

Can’t wait to read more from the Jessica Booker series. Cheers.