An absolute must have for BDB fans

The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider's Guide - J.R. Ward

This is essential reading for BDB fans. Zsadist and Bella's 81 page short story alone is worth the price of admission. Huge insight is given into each book in the series and the Brotherhoods world, as well as a ton of other information. JR interviews each of the Brothers getting them to fill in a question/answer sheet with hilarious results, giving us a greater understanding of their characters. I actually came away from this feeling like the Brothers were real people.


Imagine if you will moonlight fly fishing with Wrath or driving with Zsadist in his Porsche to Target and doing some shopping. You'll also get to ride along with Butch in a golf cart and launch rockets at the mansion. Who knew Rhage did yoga? And John Mathew's true identity is finally revealed. This book although an insiders guide felt more like book #7 in the series, with focus given to all the characters. There are some spoilers for the next book, LOVER AVENGED and many *sigh* moments. The Brothers even go to JR Ward's house to interview her and I found the writers guide particularly interesting.

The insiders guide includes;


82 PAGE NOVELLA- (FATHER MINE)- About Zsadist, Bella and Nalla. Covering the birth and months afterward, concentrating on Z's adjustment into fatherhood) sigh, this is heart wrenching.


THE BROTHER`S STATS- (personal questions/answer sheet) age, weight, weapon of choice, favourite TV show, what do you fear most? Most romantic thing you've ever done and J.R's personal interview with each Brother while out and about.


WRITERS GUIDE- For those who want to know about breaking into the publishing business. Included is the proposal for the Brotherhood series that was sent through JR's agent to her publishes.


DELETED SCENES- Exerts that for one reason or another never made it into the books, including; Zsadist & Bella, John, Butch, V, Phury, and Cormia. These are fantastic.


KICKS AND GIGGLES- Amusing quotes from the books.


BROTHERS ON THE BOARD- (JR Wards website discussion board) Imagine that the brothers are regular posters on a discussion board. Includes some very funny scenes filled with unmerciful teasing and Phury and Cormia's mating ceremony.


SLICES OF LIFE- Short stories JR posted on her discussion board. Includes MOVIE NIGHT, WRATH AND THE LETTER OPENER (hot), IN THE NATURE OF PHURY, and THE INTERVIEW THAT NEVER HAPPENED, Ah Vishous. (These are really good)


QUESTION AND ANSWER WITH JR- The WARDen answers some questions from her message board and Yahoo group, interesting.


TIME LINE OF THE BROTHERHOOD- From 1600 to present. When they were born, transitioned, met each other and joined the Brotherhood.


TABLE OF ABBREVIATIONS- (FYI) We finally learn what (WTF) the Brothers are talking about.


Pictures of what the 'OLD LANGUAGE' looks like.


The Brotherhood INTERVIEW JR at her house, Ah Zsadist.


IN MEMORIAM- Wellsie and J.R talk.


EXERT FROM LOVER AVENGED- Book #7, Rhevenge's story.





Recommended for fans of Wrath, Rhage, Vishous, Butch, Phury and especially Zsadist. I wouldn't recommend this guide unless you've read the first 6 books in this amazing series.