The WARDen shines through in a great romance

The Billionaire Next Door - Jessica Bird

Opening line:"No, really I heard he was coming tonight."

THE BILLIONAIRE NEXT DOOR was written in 2007 and has a noticeably darker tone than Jessica Bird’s other contemporary romances (The Moorehouse Legacy) This could be because Bird was already writing as JR Ward and was 2 books into her Black Dagger Brotherhood series when she wrote this and it shows in a great way. Including a flashback moment where we’re given a squeal worthy glimpse of Butch O’Neil as a young boy. Without comparing the two this is a great romance that hooked me from page one with original characters, a moving storyline and (wow this is Harlequin?) scorching hot love scenes.

Sean O’Banyon as our tortured alpha-male hero (love that combination) comes from an abused childhood and has spent his life trying to not only forget where he comes from but overachieving to compensate for it. He is now a ruthless Wall Street business mogul who most financiers fear and is worth a cool billion and change. When Sean’s father dies he’s forced to go back to South Boston and deal with the details, back to a place that he and his brothers had promised each other they’d never return to again, their childhood home.

Lizzie Bond is an ER nurse who for the last couple of years has rented the ground floor apartment of Eddie O’Banyons duplex. During that time the two formed a friendship and as the lonely old mans health began to fail Lizzie found herself taking over more and more of his homecare duties as he didn’t appear to have any close family.

When our couple meet there’s no denying the instant chemistry between them however that’s the only thing that is undeniable; Lizzie’s doesn’t know that Sean’s loaded and while he’s enjoying this anonymity he’s also trying to figure out if she was after his father’s money and not break his confirmed-bachelor code of ethics. Because Sean doesn’t let women in, he doesn’t trust them and he certainly doesn’t ever allow himself to wake up beside them in the morning. Its just that the nightmares have returned and she’s right downstairs.

What a great read my only disappointment would be that Bird (thus far) hasn’t completed this series. Leaving me hanging with a great introduction and already formed attachment to Sean’s super yummy and mysterious brothers, Damn.