No risk with the "BOI's"

Risk No Secrets - Cindy Gerard

Opening Line: "The old cargo van caught Sophie's attention the moment she stepped outside the Baylor Middle School's double front doors."


Yippee kiy yay… Welcome to the fifth instalment of Cindy Gerard’s fast paced and thrilling Black-Ops series. Fans won’t be disappointed as this is another great ride, filled with action, adventure, passion and top notch writing. Gerard whisks us away to yet another exotic South American location where we engage in ridiculously exciting shootouts, multiple explosions and the occasional kidnapping. Oh and then theres that little helicopter thingy. Somehow our newest couple; Sophie and Wyatt “Papa Bear” Savage also get time for some sweet loving, and with their substantial back story (complete with flashbacks) you’ll feel particularly invested. Of course the entire wise-cracking team is back for this mission (loved catching up with them) and with a charming secondary romance taking root there was plenty going on here to hold my interest.


After twelve years of chasing bad guys around the globe Wyatt Savage is bone tired and beginning to get a little worried about his humanity. However when the woman he loved, lost and was never able to forget tracks him down from El Salvador he doesn’t hesitate to jump the first flight and rush to her rescue. Now why her husband isn’t the one doing the rescuing is a question Wyatt probably should have asked before he left, but he’s never been able to resist Sophie, so answers will have to wait.


Sophie is grateful it wasn’t her daughter taken in the kidnapping, but she won’t be able to rest until the girl who was mistakenly abducted is returned. Calling Wyatt though may have been a mistake because his arrival has made her realize that she never should have let him go in the first place and with an outrageous ransom demand to pay, unknown terrorists and the entire BOI’s team using her living room as a bachelor pad/mission headquarters, life just got mighty complicated.


This is another great read from a fantastic series that I can’t recommend enough. Wyatt as our hero is lovely, closing ranks as another one of my literary boyfriends with his honourable, angsty and believable character. Even with the amount of special ops stuff going down he never goes OTT and Gerard never gets too technical either even though it’s obvious she knows her guns. I also liked her less obvious choice of having the kidnapped child not be Sophie’s as it allowed for a more believable romance to develop. The flashbacks were another fun aspect; seeing Sophie make the choice between Wyatt or Hugh, then witnessing Wyatt’s heartache as he steps aside and watches his best friend marry the woman he loves. Sigh. And even though you’ll guess the bad guy early on the actual outcome still surprised me. All completed here of course with Gerard’s signature poker playing ending.



Now though with only 2 single BOI’s left I’m starting to get a little antsy. Hopefully we’ll see some hunky new men introduced to Black-Ops soon or maybe Gerard will thrill us with another awesome spin off?


"He'd been in the country for roughly 2 hours. So far he'd gotten caught in a terrorist attack, killed 2 men, saved a mother and a child and bled all over his favourite shirt. And it was still more than an hour before noon. A typical day in the life of Wyatt Savage."