Smart & sexy romantic suspense

Rekindled (Titanium Security Series) - Kaylea Cross

Opening Line: “Arms folded across his chest, Alex Rycroft leaned back in the hard plastic chair and stared across the stainless steel table into the prisoner’s dark, defiant eyes.”

This was my very first read from Kayla Cross, even though I’ve been hearing about how awesome she is for years now. I’m not sure what I was waiting for but it was worth it; living up to all the hype with a fantastic, smart and sexy romantic suspense. I will definitely be picking up her entire back catalogue. I should also mention that while this is book #5 and the last from her Titanium Security series I read it as a standalone and did just fine. (Followers of the series will appreciate a wedding at the end including cameos from all past heroes/couples.)

I have to mention first off how much I loved reading about a more mature couple, I’m just a couple years younger than the heroine Grace and I’m not dead either so this was a welcome change. And Alex, jeez what can I say? A fit and fine (like wine) 51. Bring it on.

I think one of my favourite things about this story was Alex’s unwavering love for Grace. From beginning to end he just loved her and was willing to do anything even if that involved just waiting (for 4 years). He unapologetically admits to not having slept with anyone else in that time as they just couldn’t compare, sigh. Grace doesn’t give in easily, I mean there’s a lot of hurt for her to work thorough but come on, how could she resist? Together their sexual tension is palpable and then there’s that little indiscretion in the hotel car park. Nice.

Four years ago Dr Grace Fallon lost everything in a terrorist attack. Left alone with a bullet wound to her belly, she lost her future and the man she thought she knew as Jack. Turns out he was just using her as part of his latest mission; their love affair was a farce.

NSA agent Alex Rycroft had no choice but to leave Grace in the hospital and he’s kept a quiet distance ever since not wanting to inflict any more pain in her life. But when his nemesis Malik Hassani escapes custody and locks his sights on Grace and the chemical weapons she’s involved with eradicating nothing can keep him away from her. He’s willing to sacrifice everything to save her including his life and she’s forced to except his protection.

Rekindled is an edge of your seat, action packed, emotional read. It’s a sweet and sexy second chance at romance between a mature couple with intelligent writing, steamy sex scenes, a great bad guy and a nice virtual vacation via the exotic location in Pakistan. Not much more you could ask for really.