Save a horse ride a cowboy

Cowgirl Up and Ride  - Lorelei James

Opening Line:"Amy Jo Foster had loved Cord McKay her entire life."


Yeehaw, another smoking hot instalment from the Roughriders. This is book 3 in the series and my favourite so far. As usual our couple has all kinds-of-ways hot and sexy lovin going on but between the erotic interludes theres also a really romantic love story unfolding too. Yup I fell hard for tough, gruff, single dad cowboy Cord McKay and enjoyed his struggle with the sweet and much younger, little Miss AJ.


There’s also a whole family of disfunctional, confusingly named McKay cousins and brothers just itchin to get there tales told. With several of them jumping the gun here and telling wild and naughty side stories about their drinkin, dating, bar fightin, multiple partner swappin, M/M encounterin, getting kicked off the range, where’s my life headin, unruly lives. It’s a wonder really that any woman would go near those McKay boys, must have something to do with their blue eyes, cheeky grins and the way they fill out a pair of Wranglers. Oh Yeah, I loved every angle of this story.


Divorced rancher Cord has sworn off women besides what with running his ranch, looking after his young son and dealing with his deviant brothers and drunken cousins he’s got his hands full. However when his former babysitter AJ Foster asks him to teach her the ways of lovemaking, taking her virginity in the process its an offer he can’t refuse.


AJ is a strong, completely likable character who’s been in love with Cord since she was 5 years old and he white knighted her after she fell from her horse. She’s been saving herself ever since, waiting for Cord to see her as more than just the neighbour girl in pigtails. Now she’s all grown up and ready to claim the man she wants. All she has to do is convince Cord to open his battered heart long enough to realize that they’re perfect for each other, in and out of the bedroom.


So saddle up girls and enjoy the ride, theres plenty of sexy, nekkid fun here, a hilarious drunken bachelorette party and some surprising tragedy too. And then theres the love. Cord and AJ will ramp up your pulse in the bedroom while at the same time managing to tug at your heartstrings. Even though Cord’s bossy and downright stubborn you can see early on that he also genuinely cares for AJ and despite his domineering ways crumbles when he thinks he’s lost her. Then watching while she stands her ground and he tries to win her back…*sigh* be still my heart.


"Marry me for me. Marry me because I'm a selfish bastard and I want you to be mine forever. Marry me because I don't know if I'll survive the rest of my life without havin' you by my side every damn day."