Formulatic and fluffy but I liked it

Scenes of Passion (Silhouette Desire #1519) - Suzanne Brockmann

Opening Line:"Traffic on route 95 was a snarl again"


This book had everything that I hate in my romances so I’m at a loss to explain why I enjoyed it so much. Maybe because this fluffy, saccharine sweet romance was barely 200 pages long, I just didn’t have a chance to get as frustrated as I usually would with this kind of formulaic plot line. More the reason is I read this on my ereader during a power outage and it was easier to see with the built in light then with candles.


Anyways as you can guess this isn’t the greatest Brockmann going, it is however enjoyable, short and shamefully addictive with a friends to lovers theme, interesting, somewhat complex hero, the usual bland Brockmann heroine that you want to slap on occasion, more subplots then necessary and except for the heroines little brother a ton of nasty secondary characters to hate.


The story here went in many different directions with things happening quickly (due to page limitations I guess) fake marriages, real marriages, annulments, I love you, I hate you, you’re a liar, I can’t live without you, lets take a bath together, what do you mean you do/don’t have cancer, how am I going to get my inheritance/save my fathers company, no I didn’t sleep with your sister, yes I look great with a mullet, lets break up in the last couple of chapters and you will think I’m a liar and I won’t do anything to change your misconceptions of me until you feel super guilty then because its Brockmann the hero will cry a few tears and voila HEA-ville. All of this has been tied together with a community theatre storyline and a really mean director. Ha, ha. Yes really.


Speaking of the director since when does community theatre require random drug testing for its actors? Anyways that has nothing to do with anything it just annoyed me, he also makes our hero (jungle man) cut his sexy long hair and that’s when I decided I really hated him and that I would never do a musical. LOL