Great hero, average story, incomplete ending

Dangerous Lover - Lisa Marie Rice

Opening Line:"She was here. He could feel her, he could smell her."

This is a well written story and Rice has obviously done her homework regarding issues in Afghanistan and Africa. I also really enjoyed Jack as our hero; he's brooding and sexy with a repeatedly described hard body. He's also been written as the savoir; rescuing our heroine in a snowstorm then continually caring for her every need, making sure she's warm and fed, fixing her falling down house, shovelling the driveway and mending the bad-tempered boiler while she sleeps, all this while being a thoughtful and generous lover too. I suppose this is every woman's fantasy but DANGEROUS LOVER never really grabbed my attention, it was just okay.

Jack Prescott has been in love with Caroline Lake since he first met her while living in a homeless shelter years before. After the death of his alcoholic father Jack took to the streets, but not before one last look at Caroline surrounded by her wealthy, loving family as they celebrated Christmas. Twelve years later Jack returns. He has spent years in the military and witnessed some terrible things now all he wants to do is get back to the girl that he`s never forgotten. Caroline's world has slowly crumbled over the years. After her parents died in a car accident she was left caring for her paralyzed and ailing brother. As the medical bills mounted Caroline struggled to cope with a house in desperate need of repair and a mass of debt. Now her brother is also gone leaving Caroline alone.

Jack arrives on Christmas eve fresh from the field, still in fact with sand in his boots. Caroline now owns a bookstore and also takes lodgers in the old mansion. So within hours of being back on US soil Jack is speaking directly to Caroline. The internal dialogue here is great as Jack struggles to keep calm in Caroline's presence and shake off the war that he's just left. She rents the tanned stranger a room and while on their way home Jack saves her life after the car goes off the road during a snowstorm. He then becomes "savoir Jack" doing everything for the wimpy and somewhat fragile Caroline.

I actually have no idea how she ever managed without him but anyways. After a lavish dinner the couple immediately fall into bed. This is a good thing because I was getting tired of hearing about Jacks `tight jeans' The sex scenes are strong but nothing especially kinky goes on and I found them to be quite repetitive. As they stare at each other in the afterglow Jack doesn't tell Caroline that he knew her years before or that he now has millions of dollars worth of diamonds. Bad idea Jack. The two spend the next few days exclusively in bed except of course when Jack is fixing things or shovelling snow.

Throughout the book we are given several different POV's. Jacks was my favourite but we also hear from the antagonist Vincent Deaver. His perspective is quite suspenseful as he gradually gets closer and closer to our couple in his hunt for the diamonds. We also hear briefly from Caroline's loser ex-boyfriend, Sanders who hopes to win her back.

I kept hoping that this book would get better, that something would happen because there was so much potential but alas. The ending was incredibly disappointing. It just kind of well... ends. You are left unfulfilled, assuming that somehow everybody got their HEA but without any of the details that we as romance readers need to know. All in all except for the incomplete ending this is a pretty good read. Cheers!