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Megan's Mark - Lora Leigh

Opening Line: “They were created not born. They were trained not raised.”

I haven’t read any Lora Leigh for ages, I gave up on her after editing issues, recycled storylines and just plain lack of any cohesive plot became too much to ignore. I started to feel a bit used as a reader and figured if she didn’t care about putting out a finished product why should I care about reading her stuff? Anyways.

After seeing several 5 star reviews (and because it had been sitting on my TBR shelf for years) I decided to give Megan’s Mark a try, if I remembered correctly some of LL’s older stuff was pretty good.

And initially it was, in fact it was a big surprise. There was a real story, with real writing and actual editing. Plus several chapters without any sex or the hero going all uber-alpha and doing the heroine up the bum to prove his dominance (that came later). It was sci-fi with an intricate back story and cool futuristic gadgets. Did I mention there was editing? LOL. It wasn’t what I was expecting. Damn I might just have to revisit some of these older breed books.

So I don’t really know where it went wrong for me qualifying a 3 star review, except that after my initial excitement and all the great world building and cool action scenes the story just kind of fizzled out. Yup, as soon as our couple started humping the plot stopped so that the last half of the book is just a bunch of sex scenes with an over easily resolved story. Too bad.

Megan’s Mark is book 7 in the Breeds series or book 1 according to Berkley (I can never keep track of a correct reading order with LL) It doesn’t really matter though because this one works fine as a standalone and has lots of back story explaining the history of the genetically altered “breeds”

The story is set in the future, 2023 Southern New Mexico. Megan Fields is a sheriff’s deputy and an empathic, meaning she can feel the emotions of those around her. It’s been a bitch to live with too, all those feelings invading her every thought and it’s why Megan now lives and works in the isolation of the desert. When Megan discovers a murdered breed pair during a patrol and then gets targeted herself the big bad lion Braden shows up to figure out the whys of it. Braden is a half man/half lion. He’s pretty yummy, not as alpha as most of LL’s men although he has his moments …

“What he needed he had never needed from a woman before. The ultimate submission, a primal acceptance of his dominance. And by God, he would have it.”

Just a little warning if you’ve never read LL before she likes to use, how shall I say it? Some legitimately dirty words. You might feel like you need a shower afterwards and you definitely won’t be putting any ‘cream’ in your coffee for a while. LOL