Classic contemp romance, 80's style

Adam's Fall - Sandra Brown

Opening Line: “It made the evening news.”

This was a pretty good read even though it’s kinda dated now (1988) and some of the themes and situations annoyed me. For the most part it’s your basic 80’s contemporary romance and doesn’t require too much brain power to get through.

Adam’s Fall is apparently book 2 in the Mason sister’s series (who knew?) but works just fine as a standalone. Written exclusively from the heroine’s 3rd person POV we unfortunately never get into Adam’s head (was that the style in the 80’s?) There is however lots of well written dialogue between the two and I really enjoyed their verbal sparring/flirting. I could have done without the heroine pulling the V card which was unrealistic, and some of the hero’s comments crossed the comfort line. Don’t get me started on the Chinese man servant and stereotyping -again I put this down to when it was written.

Rebellious and volatile by nature Lilah Mason is also very good at her job as a physical therapist. However when her sister Elizabeth approaches her about taking over the care of her boss who was recently involved in a mountain climbing accident, she flat out refuses. I mean their mutual dislike is more than obvious, every time these two get in the same room together sparks fly, barbs are exchanged and the inevitable verbal brawl commences, resulting is one or the other leaving. Lilah is always up for a challenge though and the 1000 dollars a day she’s asked for and Hawaiian location just sweetens the deal.

Adam Cavanaugh is a self-made millionaire hotel entrepreneur but that isn’t helping him right now. Bedridden after a horrific climbing accident in Northern Italy that killed his two companions he's now suffering from a severe spinal injury and for all intents and purposes, paralyzed from the waist down. Wallowing in depression and self-pity he is refusing to do anything to better his situation until Lilah walks through his bedroom door and her demanding, offensive and often unorthodox bedside manner force him to wake up and face his new reality.

She won’t stop talking or leave his room until he eats. She goads and badgers him until he uses the pull up bars, berates him until he gets himself into the wheelchair, all while strutting around in short shorts and tight T’s. But ultimately her approach also helps him to heal. Of course all this bickering is just masked sexual tension and before long Lilah and Adam have crossed the patient/therapist line. Lilah sees the burgeoning relationship for what it is through and realizes that as soon as Adam is whole again he'll walk away and unless she does something drastic he’ll take her heart with him or will he? Dun-dun-daah. LOL Cheers