Great to back with the BOI's

With No Remorse - Cindy Gerard

Opening Line: "Luke Colter's number one rule of self-preservation: Don't ignore the itch."


How great is it to be back with the BOI’s of Black-Ops Inc? I’ve seriously missed this series, as its been over a year since the last book and I think its one of the best romantic suspense's running right now. With this 6th instalment Cindy Gerard doesn’t disappoint either because we finally get Doc’s story and it's oh SO good.


I knew this fun loving cowboy medic would steal my heart I just didn’t expect to fall quite so hard or be given such candour into his fears and “ghosts”. Who knew that behind that sexy smile and sense of humour he was suffering so much? I loved getting to know the real Luke Colter (Indy fedora and all) and watching him find purpose with the woman of his dreams (literally).



WITH NO REMORSE is filled with non-stop action, adventure, passion and clever writing. Gerard whisks us away to yet another exotic South American location where we engage in shootouts, train robberies, kidnappings, explosions, donkey rides, the occasional pesky potato and some wicked arms dealers as our bad guys.


The romance is sweet, steamy and believable and with the entire wise cracking team showing up at about the half way mark I couldn’t have been happier. Yup, everyone makes a reappearance for the final show down including the ever lovable Johnny Reed, my boyfriend Gabe, Crystal and BJ (who kick serious ass) and even team leader Nate. It was fantastic catching up with everyone and seeing them in action. I should also mention that we get an intriguing look at Joe Green here and jeez does his upcoming story LAST MAN STANDING (*sigh* last in the series) ever have me excited.



We join our man Luke on a train in Peru. Its about a year since he was injured in the last book RISK NO SECRETS and he’s just coming off a much needed reprieve. Luke's body may be mended but his head still isn’t in the game and for the first time in his career he’s doubting his ability to still function as a valued team member. When bandits board the train and attempt to kidnap a “young boy” Doc’s training takes over, forcing him reluctantly back into hero mode.


With the bad guys in full pursuit it takes about a minute for Luke to realize he hasn’t rescued a boy but the woman of his teenaged fantasies. Just what the hell is supermodel philanthropist Valentina doing on a train in the middle of Peru? And who are the armed and very pissed off men hunting them down? More importantly though is how exactly is he going to not come across like a bumbling, star crazed stalker as he attempts to get her to safety?


I liked this romance a lot. Valentina although beautiful (she looks like Angelina Jolie, puleese) had a great back story and when it came right down to it was able to man up and well… save her man.  Together they had some fantastic moments evoking such memorable lines as “You had me at potato” and “We’ll always have Peru” I also loved that she called him Indy (the fedora was awesome and gave a nice visual aspect to Doc) Of course then there was the tear jerking secret goodbye at the limo, and damn that man knows how to grab a reader where it hurts.


I can’t say enough good things about this series, it captured me from book #1 (SHOW NO MERCY) and never let go. Each instalment is excellent; with hot alpha men falling hard for their lady loves. These guys are funny, endearing, good in bed and manage to give us quite a few sigh worthy moments while still packing a big gun and kicking major ass. The storylines are always exciting, expertly written and with a nice balance between the action and romance. I never find myself going “yeah right” with this series its just always amazing. Cheers