Another great tortured hero, great addition to the series

Shattered Valor - Elaine Levine

Opening Line: “Ty Baden’s fingers and palms were sticky with rattlesnake blood.”

So I’ll give it up for Elaine Levine, she sure knows how to write an amazing tortured hero. Once again I was left in bits by the heartbreaking back story of our romantic lead. I don’t know what my deal is, but the more damaged the hero the harder I tend to fall. So yeah, I fell pretty hard here. With this 2nd book from The Red Team series we get Ty Baden’s long awaited story, and because Levine left him (and us) hanging at the end of the last book (with Ty presumed dead at the bottom of a cavernous snake filled pit) I was more than a little excited. She doesn’t disappoint either; filling the action packed story with suspense, heartache, smoking hot love scenes, a bit of a BDB vibe (yeah that’s right) and several hunky, wise-cracking, ex-counter terror operatives. It’s a great ride.

I should mention how much I adored the first book The Edge Of Courage and I say this because I’m not sure how well this would work as a standalone as events here pick up directly after. Besides you really wouldn’t want to miss Rocco and Mandy’s story. Rocco *sigh top 5 tortured hero*

So, Ty is stuck in a rattlesnake infested pit. Now why do I hear Indiana Jones’ voice as I write that ”snakes, why’d it have to be snakes?” Anyways, our boy Ty is an ex-operative so saving himself is all in a day’s work. He then makes his way to a nearby house where he meets up with one of the hotties from the bar in town he met in the last book. Of course sparks fly and when it turns out that she’s in danger from the bad guys of the WKB Ty makes Eden his personal mission.

Our heroine is the perfect match for Ty; no nonsense, tough and supportive which is exactly what Ty needs after what he’s been through. Eden also just happens to train service dogs so after a second attempt is made on her life Ty moves her and “Tank” in with the boys at his childhood house (of horrors) now serving as Red Team headquarters. Tank proves more than capable of searching out munitions and explosives and against her better judgement Eden becomes a member of Red Team.

Ty hadn’t been home in years for a reason, but with his father recently deceased and the team needing a new headquarters in the area while they take down the WKB he’s soon stuck right back where his nightmares began. Throughout the course of this story Ty’s past is slowly revealed and I have to say I was actually left a little stunned at the horrific abuse he suffered at the hands of his own father amongst others.

I won’t go too much into the plot but there are a couple of things I did want to mention I really enjoyed the camaraderie and just plain hilarity of the Team as a group, there is one scene in particular where Eden goes shopping with fellow team member Val. Val is trying to make Ty realize his feelings for Eden so he takes her to Victoria’s Secret and leaves a line open on the phone. As Eden tries on naughty knickers Ty listens in, cursing and realizing he’s jealous. The love scenes are angst filled and super-hot; watching Ty confront his ghosts and give himself to Eden was at times breathtaking. He really is just the perfect hero, tender when it counts, in desperate need of emotional rescue yet still all down, dirty and alpha when need be.

With so many delicious Red Team members left to have their stories told, this is a series I see myself continuing with to the end. Cheers.

Thanks Elaine
**A copy was generously provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.