Just a train wreck, in an all consuming way

Addicted to You - Krista Ritchie

Opening Line: "I wake up. My shirt is crumpled on a fuzzy carpet. My shorts astray on a dresser. And I think my underwear is lost for good."


Ok that was different and OMG the ending! These cliff-hangers are killing me.

Wow, what a unique, intense, all-consuming train wreck of a story this was and I just couldn’t get enough. Not at all what I was expecting to find from the New Adult category, as it was pretty eye opening -just make sure to have book #2 on standby when you begin (bangs head against the wall)

College students Lily Calloway and Loren Hale have it all; young, beautiful, in love, exceptionally wealthy, and in a great relationship together for the past 3 years. At least that’s how it appears on the outside. In reality things are a little different; nobody would suspect the truth and the unmanageable, secretive mess their lives have become. Together Lily and Loren have a system and as long as nobody teeters too far, it’s working out just fine. Together they’ve mastered the art of hiding their addiction.

Lilly is a shy, caring, somewhat introverted girl. She is also a sex addict. Completely reckless in her choices; hooking up with random guys in bathroom bars, hotel rooms, college dorms, 1 guy 2 guys, gigolos on speed dial, a pendency for porn and an absolute all-consuming need to find her next fix. It`s described in such a way that sex might as well be cocaine, Her addiction owns her in a very real sense which leads to her inability to be responsible for anything, letting her family down and constant shame. It’s a good thing her “boyfriend” Loren understands.

Loren was a little easier to relate to, he’s your standard alcoholic. Standard except for the fact that he’s only 21 and drinks all day, every day to the point of passing out, comatose. His best friend (even above Lilly) is bourbon and his addiction has reached the point of becoming life threatening.

Together Lilly and Loren keep up a united front, hiding each other’s vices from their families and picking up the pieces after especially bad nights. They support each other and have been friends forever, thrust together at the same stuffy country clubs as kids at some point they must have sensed a sameness and after graduation took on the pretense of being a couple so they could indulge in their addictions. They`ve mastered the art of lying and concealment however the real problem may be that their addiction to each other and getting sober is also going to mean having to let go.

Watching these two spiral out of control was consuming in itself and this character driven story took turns that surprised me. Unfortunately though I've lived with an alcoholic and it's not quite as pretty as portrayed here, especially at the level Loren is drinking at. I`m doubtful that he would have a six-pack or be someone you would want to (or even be able to) have sex with. On that note despite Lilly’s addiction most of the sex scenes take place off page. Now I'm off to read book #2 ( Addicted For Now). Cheers.

“Promises from Lo are like bars at 2 a.m.--empty.”

“I'll always be yours. No distance or time apart will change that,

My thanks to NetGalley and Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) who provided a copy in exchange for an honest review.