I have some reservations and my teeth hurt

Without Reservations - J.L. Langley

Opening Line:" Broom, broom... Mommy, if I'm a wolf like Daddy, why can't I change into a wolf?"


I was initially excited about this book as it contains werewolves and male/male romance. I thought hey this will be good, well unfortunately, hey this is just okay. I liked the idea presented in the storyline wherein a straight man (albeit a werewolf) locates his mate only to discover that he's also male. Our protagonist then doesn't know what to do with these new sexual urges or with his new life mate.


Unfortunately this interesting idea only lasts a couple of chapters before the werewolf theme becomes irrelevant and the story turns into a sugar sweet romance complete with a cute puppy, white picket fence and more endearing nick names than I could count. Oh sure there's an attempt made at a plot between the many superfluous sex scenes but its pretty weak and even the potential murder mystery falls flat.



Here goes the plot summery; Chayton is a veterinarian and a werewolf. One day the sheriff brings a wounded wolf into his clinic, someone has shot the light haired dog and it's while Chay nurses the animal back to health he gets a feeling telling him that this wolf is his mate. Upon further inspection he realizes that the wolf is male. Now what's Chay to do? He always thought he was heterosexual but his ever increasingly tight jeans are telling a different story. When Keaton recovers he finds himself with a straight mate and he's not exactly thrilled either. Somehow the pair manages to solidify their Beaver Cleaver romance, fighting prejudices along the way and getting a puppy. Oh yeah, someone's trying to kill Keaton but because of the continual boners nobodys too worried.


I think my biggest problem with this book besides the cloying sweetness was the fact that although written as two very distinctive characters in the beginning Chay and Keaton's voices merge into one and I could never tell whose voice or internal dialogue I was reading. I also prefer my M/M to contain manly men and Keaton has been written as a stereotypical effeminate both in looks and demeanour. In fact he might as well have been a woman. And although the love scenes are eye opening, scorching hot and well written even they got tedious every other page. However this is erotica so if you shut your brain off and just enjoy the man on man action in this fluffy romance it might just work for you. Cheers