Kismit's back in a great follow-up

Dark Harvest - Lynda Hilburn

Opening Line: "Top o' the morning guys and gals, and welcome to "Wake up Denver"! WOW Radio's top-rated talk show."

Dr. Kismit Knight returns in this great sequel to The Vampire Shrink continuing her witty adventures into the world of vampires, the paranormal and magic.

It's been six months since Kismit began her relationship with the 800 year old gorgeous vampire known as Devereux. Although still very much in love with him (and the sex is still awesome too) Kismit is becoming increasingly frustrated by his over protectiveness and domineering manner. Devereux after all is the "master" vampire and used to getting his way. He in turn is having to adjust to her modern ideas and self-suffciency.

Kismit's life has been relatively normal of late even though she continues to counsel the undead and adapt to her new role as an expert on things of the paranormal. During a live radio interview an on air caller named Hallow claiming to be a vampire even older and more powerful than Devereux, casts a spell over Kismit and enters her mind. This is when the story really takes off. Refusing to acknowledge Devereux's warning about Hallow's evil nature and needing her space Kismit teams up with Maxie, a tabloid reporter who manages to drag her into all manner of trouble while searching for that one juicy story. Hallow meanwhile begins to take greater control over Kismit's mind, in turn causing her to exhibit a more uninhibited side of herself. As Kismit becomes possessed by her sexy alter ego Dev realizes what's happening and casts several spells in an effort to bring his true love back to him but Hallow is powerful and believes Kismit would make a welcome addition to his harem.

This is a great read; sexy, thrilling and with Kismit's own brand of sarcastic wit throughout. There are a couple of impossibly sexy yet bloody fight scenes as Devereux tries to save Kismit and destroy the wicked Hallow. There's also a great supporting cast of characters including the return of self absorbed ex-boyfriend Tom who has an outlandish request that will potentially land him a job on TV doing live sex counselling. Victoria the resident witch who manages Devereux's building returns as does Luna, Dev's personal assistant who still has it in for Kismit. Although we do finally learn why. Hallow as an antagonist is equal parts sexy, funny and pure evil and I really enjoyed him.

With way more magic, spells and psychic connections than the first book, Dark Harvest is a great ride and I enjoyed it almost as much as the first book although as a whole it was slightly darker and in my opinion not quite as funny. This series is developing well however and Kismit and Devereux's love story hasn't been wrapped up quite yet which makes me hopeful for the third book in this great series.