Perfect rom-com

Girl On The Run - Jane Costello

Opening Line: “I live in fear of a four-letter word.”

This was a great read, pretty much everything you’d want (and expect) from British chick-lit including an amusing and very relatable heroine, several hunky suitors and a movie worthy ending. It’s also well written and super entertaining; with many hilarious scenes that had me reading out loud to friends. As a rom-com it is predictable, I mean right from the opening chapters you know exactly who Abby is going to end up with but it’s still so much fun witnessing all the antics she goes through in her struggle to get there, that you just won’t mind. Did I mention this is freakin funny?

“My inner thighs press tightly against Tom’s buttocks, a position that could, to anybody not witnessing it, sound absolutely delightful. Delightful however it is not. As his motorbike darts between cars, whizzes round corners and whooshes through amber lights, I couldn’t feel less relaxed if I were on a blind date with Hannibal Lector.”

Jane Costello was a new author to me and I loved her writing style; with short chapters, snappy dialogue and a cast of well-developed secondary characters who all managed to have me equally invested in their stories. I also appreciated how even the smallest of ideas mentioned throughout the book was brought to fruition by the end, very clever writing. I’ll definitely be seeking out more from her.

I should also mention that a huge chunk of the story deals with Abby’s quest to complete a half marathon, if you’ve ever done any running you will really appreciate this aspect. I found it an original plot angle and because of Abby’s state of lack of fitness when she begins you can’t help but cheer her on throughout. The reason why she finally follows through on her latest heath kick (besides the cute guy known as Doctor Dishy) will surprise you. Ultimately I found this motivating; as even the most unfit and lazy of us will be convinced that if Abby can do it then so can I (or at least meet someone delicious at the local running club)

Abby Rogers hates being late, but since starting her own graphic design business, there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Like today for instance she really didn’t mean to run that guy over with her car but he came out of nowhere, right between message number three on her cell and those take-away fries she couldn’t get in her mouth fast enough.

Abby’s love life has also taken a back seat of late and her waistline, well let’s just say muffin top and leave it at that. During dinner one night at her super fit, super skinny best friend’s house, Jess again broaches the subject of Abby joining her running club. And because tonight Abby has had several too many glasses of wine she says yes. I mean how hard can it be? Days later Abby is a literal hot sweaty mess. Doubled over, she’s just finished puking and may never walk again let alone run but as the burning sensation leaves her lungs she happens to notice a certain Doctor Dishy and he might just be worth doing this again for. Cheers