Emotional & delicious -not your typical love story

Beyond Eden  - Kele Moon

“Bite the apple Evie, it’ll blow your mind.”

Um Wow. So this was not what I was expecting and I couldn’t be happier. For some reason I put off reading this book for ages (I think it’s because the cover is just not good) which is unfortunate because Beyond Eden turned out to be one of the better kinky books (BDSM) I’ve ever read. Even now, a week later as I plug along trying to get my review done the characters, story (yes there is one) magic of true love and web of emotions linger. There were just so many things I liked about this story, which I’ll be honest, took me out of my comfort zone more than once but that’s a good thing right?

This whole book is one long drawn out, extended and delicious sex scene. No I mean it, page after page after page of it, but it works because it’s not the same. It’s always different, always changing, revealing itself as layers are peeled away. With each action in the bedroom some kind of emotion or revelation is exposed, nothing is wasted here. I usually find with the erotica when there’s this much bangin the plot suffers but Kele Moon has managed a captivating storyline too. Honestly I can’t stop thinking about this book.

Since there’s already a ton of great reviews out there I won’t go into a synopsis here, I’ll just give you some of my feelings. Ha, now where to start there?

Beyond Eden is a love story, although obviously not in the typical sense; first off there are three people involved, and then of course there’s the whole BDSM scene and the fact that one of our characters has an extreme pain fetish. So yeah, it tends to go to some darker places.

Ultimately this wasn’t an easy read, (which is crazy because I couldn’t stop reading it either) but there were times when I absolutely hated one of the heroes. I couldn’t believe what he was doing to someone he supposedly loved. I mean granted I don’t “get” the whole Dom/sub relationship but this; this “Master” who was also his best friend and lover was too much. As I said earlier though Moon peels the layers away and suddenly you come to understand why he’s doing what he’s doing and you see the love.

Yeah I’m talking about Danny, what a complex character. He did redeem himself to me in the end though and became one of the most intriguing people in the book (which I guess is why I’m still thinking about him.) Evie was another of my favourites. She was the lightness here, all free spirited and quirky, our guide if you will, because it’s through her ”vanilla” eyes that we get to learn and experience the BDSM lifestyle. And Paul, what can I say about him? He sorta broke my heart.

This was a story that surprised me, tested me and haunted me. It’s complicated, tangled, intense, obsessive, violent, forbidden, shameless and beautiful. And oh it’s good. Cheers

**Thanks to NetGalley and Ellora's cave who provided a copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.