Some neat ideas but all in all, just another vampire romance

I Burn for You - Susan Sizemore

Opening Line: “He was growing hungry for the night”


I BURN FOR YOU was an okay read. I mean I won’t be rushing out for the rest of the series or anything but it did have its moments. It’s the first book from Susan Sizemore’s Prime series (which is also available in the omnibus (CRAVE THE NIGHT) Providing us with yet another take on Vampire romance. I have to say though that I enjoyed the world building here and for the most part, as a first-book-in-series it wasn’t overwhelmed with huge info dumps but explained gradually throughout.


Our hero is of course Vampalicious; dreamy, tortured and seriously alpha or “The Prime” as his chest beating manliness is explained as here. There are interesting secondary characters and some funny dialogue and I enjoyed the premonitions/dreams aspect from our heroine as well as the mind melding process our couple went through. The love scenes are steamy enough but nothing special, which was how I felt about the romance in general -nothing that I’ll remember for very long. My only true complaint (other then the blahness) was the abrupt ending, with several loose ends left hanging and a general feeling of what? That’s it? Still there’s way worse paranormal romance out there.


Alec Reynard is battling his inner demons and true vampire self. Undergoing secret medical treatments that allow him to go out in the daylight and live among humans. Alec keeps himself on a very tight leash and everything seems to be going according to plan until he feels the call of his “Bond Mate” She brings out the beast in Alex and suddenly his cocktail of drugs isn’t working so well anymore hence the recent sunburn and aggression issues he‘s been experiencing.

Domini Lancer works at her grandfather’s security company as a bodyguard. She’s experienced premonitions her entire life and has grown used to the occasional weird dream. Lately though these dreams have been taking on a life of their own, filled with erotic visions of sex, blood and a man she doesn’t know. And now that voice in her head is there even when she’s awake, compelling her to buy peaches and go places she’s not entirely comfortable with.



So while Domini doesn’t yet know what she is or the danger this places her in Alec as her soul mate and The Prime is driven to protect her. Taking a job at the old man’s company he’s soon teamed up with Domini on their latest security detail. (Hmm mind influence anyone) As the darkness seizes him there is nothing Alec won’t do to keep Domini safe… And claim her as his own.