Unputdownable -another top notch addition to the series

Unlawful Contact - Pamela Clare

Opening Line: “Sophie Alton walked through the party, wishing she’d stayed home.”

Well another great addition from the I-Team series, it seems that Pamela Clare can do no wrong. And holy hell with the heroes, just when I think she’s written my absolute favourite out pops another keeper from the recesses of Clare’s enviable mind. Where does she keep all these guys anyway? Each one is yummier than the last. How does she get anything done with all that awesome manliness living in her head?

Unlawful Contact was unputdownable from the very first pages, just excellent romantic suspense that never dumbs down the reader. Actually I think that’s what I appreciate most (besides the smoking hot love scenes) the fact that Clare writes a story with relatable, real characters that you believe in faults and all.

Clare also manages to hit all my (secret) fantasy buttons with this story. We have “getting taken hostage by the hero” (yum) The “man behind bars, good guy felon” scenario, the always exciting and sexy “couple on the run” and a sweet reunited lovers theme to tie it all together. Which is not so much a fantasy but a favourite theme of mine.

Book 3 from the I-Team series centres around investigative journalist Sophia Alton and convicted killer (serving life) Marc Hunter. Even the set up for this is fantastic; I mean how the hell are you going to get an imprisoned murderer and the heroine together? Ha, well it’s just excellently done.

With so many other amazing reviews out there, I’m not going to get into a synopsis I’ll just say that this is a sweet, sexy, fast paced story that honestly had me wondering how these two were ever going to get their HEA. As with all of Clare’s work there is some realistic and horrific content but she manages to balance it with lighter moments that made me smile and sigh… Speaking of which Marc Hunter, what an excellent hero, placed in an impossible situation I appreciated how he wasn’t left unscathed from his time behind bars. Traumatized, suffering flashbacks and physically scared from his 6 years in prison, that didn’t just go away. And I also loved his relationship with Julian. Of course they’d be buds -albeit unwillingly, can’t wait to see how that relationship develops. Cheers