Another great high speed adventure with the "BOI's"

Feel the Heat - Cindy Gerard

Opening Line: "B.J Chase had worn her black tank top and khaki shorts for too many hours to count in the Venezuelan climate, where the heat and humidity were often measured in terms of ripe, riper and for God's sake, take a shower."


Feel The Heat is the forth instalment in Cindy Gerard’s fast paced and super-sexy Black-Ops series and fans won’t be disappointed. This is yet another great ride, filled with action, adventure, exotic locations, sweet lovin and top notch writing. Although for some reason I never felt as connected to B.J and Raphael as past couples I still enjoyed their story and with the entire wise-cracking team back for this particular mission (loved catching up with them) and a sweet secondary romance there was plenty going on here to hold my interest. My only gripe would be that about halfway in it all started to feel very familiar and I realized with disappointment that I had already read this exact plotline in Killer Secrets -one of Lora Leigh’s better Tempting Seals books. However I still enjoyed Cindy’s version and she remains a definite auto-buy for me.



B.J Chase is a brash, somewhat emotionally cold Defence Intelligence Officer who first meets bad boy Raphael Mendoza while they’re both undercover in Venezuela. It’s not a great meeting for our future couple what with the guns they have pointed at each other but it does however leave a lasting impression.


Back in the States B.J is assigned to work with the Black Op’s and she’s not exactly thrilled, these boys are a very tight team (see below) who play by their own rules and B.J is used to working alone. Of course this book starts out with a bang and just keeps going, with multiple shoot outs, car chases and a general feeling of suspense. Gerard gives us a clever storyline, oozes the sexual tension and in the second half manages to put our couple in close quarters as they pose as a newly engaged couple and go deep undercover in Columbia.



This is where Rafe gets reacquainted with his long lost (drug cartel) family and in BJ’s case she takes on the hilarious alter ego of ‘Brittany.’ A fluffy, gum cracking, money digging, true blonde that Rafael can‘t keep his Latin lovin hands off (I actually preferred Brittany to B.J) Anyways, from here things really start to steam up and emotions neither of them expected come out to play. Along with some serious explosions, a runaway train and several more hair raising shootouts where BJ proves her worth to the team, they try to stop an armed submarine and Raphael finally learns what B.J (!) stands for.



All in all this is another great read, complete with Gerard’s signature ending and while it could be read as a stand alone I highly recommend the entire romantic-suspense filled series. Now the wait begins for the next instalment (RISK NO SECRETS) Cheers.