Oh my, Alex is bad in such a good way

When Alex Was Bad: A Novel of Erotic Suspense - Jo Davis

Opening Line: "Olivia Quinn knew she was losing her husband when she discovered his knockout junior partner caressing his crotch by the azalea bush."

Well, well Alex is indeed a very bad boy so it’s a good thing he has an understanding wife who's figured out a way to punish him for his errant behaviour. This is some fine erotica with a premise that interested me and luckily doesn’t disappoint. Written along the lines of Lauren Dane's  Laid Bare this is a wicked little story where just about anything goes. I will admit that I had to read WHEN ALEX WAS BAD interspaced with another book because well, Alex is bad every other page -That man has some serious stamina. So if your looking for hot, sexy, erotic loving with M/F, M/M and M/M/F action including light bondage, exhibitionism and multiple partners all tossed together with a murder mystery plot then this should do it for you.

After 15 years together Alex and Olivia have become strangers within their marriage and the bedroom. In fact things have come to such a point that Alex is tempted to cheat and Olivia knows it. In order to save her marriage Olivia comes up with a bold plan, she will allow Alex seven nights of pleasure with anyone he chooses providing he confess in explicit detail to each liaison. However he must then also agree to accept any form of mischievous punishment his wife can dream up. No questions asked.

With Alex’s first indiscretion and subsequent punishment out of the way the plan seems to be working wonders. Sure they were both worried as to how this would play out but now they’re more in love than ever, Alex never knew his wife had a deviant side and Olivia is learning some things about Alex as well. However when the lovely but mysterious Jason moves in next door Olivia wastes no time in taking the young lover as her own and then inviting him as a third into their lurid deal. But this shy boy-next-door isn’t so innocent, Jason has a dark past and when one of them falls in love with him it may just destroy everything.

Could this be the end for Alex and Olivia or will they somehow manage to find their way out of the web of lies and murder and make room in their hearts for another?