A demon lord in love with a fallen angel -what could possibly go wrong?

The Darkest Passion  - Gena Showalter

Opening Line:"They Don't seem to care that they're dying."

THE DARKEST PASSION is book #5 in the fantastic and addictive Lords Of The Underworld series and this time its all about the winged and tattooed immortal Aeron. A warrior cursed (along with several others) after opening Pandora’s box and bound ever since to a demon, his being Wrath (sort of like a devilish alter ego you can’t ignore)

Recently Aeron has sensed an invisible female presence around him and here we learn that she is in fact an angel-demon assassin sent to kill him. Of course nothing is as it seems with this series and when Aeron confronts this angel, Olivia claims that she means him no harm, that she couldn’t kill him and has in fact fallen. Giving up immortality and her life in the clouds to experience her now earthly life with him. It’s a match made in Heaven/Hell right? What could be easier then a demon lord and a fallen angel hooking up? Throw in Lucifer, Shadow girl and Aeron’s altered little venom spitting girlfriend Legion, more deals and bargains with Greek gods then I could keep track of, a continuing war with the ‘hunters’ and you’ve got yourself the makings of a perfect romance.

This was a great read and an excellent addition to the series as a whole and really is worthy of 5 stars however because I didn’t read Heart Of Darkness first which (who knew) contained Lords Of The Underworld 4.5 there were major plot holes and a whole lot of confusion in the beginning chapters along with certain details that were never filled in. For example how and when did one of the immortals get both of his hands cut off?

I just hate it when authors put semi-important details or move along an ongoing series within an anthology. I’ve been burned too many times with them, spending the money to read 75 pages and usually only enjoying or bothering with the one story by the one author. I won‘t be reading HOD on principle alone now. Anyways enough with my rant. Did I mention how frickin sexy this book is?

Yeah sexy and erotic too, that Showalter can sure write a love scene. Aeron as our hero is awesome he's also the one most in harmony with his demon (now) and as the protector, the one that keeps the others safe. Covered in gruesome tattoos from top to bottom he also sports a pair of wings, flying around during battles and in one instance during love making (that was a new one for me, sex while in flight!) And as improbable as it seems his and Olivia’s romance is a perfect match, once the pair get out of the bedroom that is (I just have to say why does Showalter deem it necessary to lock every one of her heroines in a warriors bedroom for a period of time while one or the other recovers and until the warrior and demon both declare “mine” Its done in almost every book and frankly its getting boring.)

Our couple face insurmountable odds with exciting twists, kidnappings, double crossings and in the end the ultimate sacrifice in the name of love. The ending is …well you’ll get your HEA but at what cost?

The Darkest Lie is up next and it has been set up perfectly for Gideon and his long lost----- also because of events in the last couple of chapters many new and exciting doors have been opened up for this series as a whole. Cheers.