Can't get enough of those Roughriders

Shoulda Been a Cowboy  - Lorelei James

 Opening Line: "At times like these, Deputy Cameron KcKay suspected his life would've been easier if he'd stayed a simple cowboy."

As I’ve said before Lorelei James can do no wrong with her Roughriders series. Somehow she always manages to keep the storylines fresh and the numerous sexcapes just different enough that they never feel formulaic or repetitive. We’re also guaranteed updates on the ever growing Mckay family and usually a couple of surprises or a tragedy just to keep us on our toes. Of course there's always all kinds of hot and sexy love-making goin on but ultimately it’s the addictive stories and sweet romances that keep me coming back for more.

Here with book 7 we finally get smoking hot ex-soldier Cam and Ukraine transplant Domini’s story. These two have been circling around each other for several years/books now but because both are dealing with physical and emotional scars, forging a relationship has proved difficult. Cam’s also worried that his need for dominance in the bedroom will scare away the soft spoken and shy Domini. However once he learns that’s exactly what she’s looking for all bets are off. Domini craves a man that will dominate her in every way and that’s exactly what she’s going to get with Cam. This is one soldier used to issuing orders.

Their relationship starts out more like a business arrangement than a love affair with rules discussed regarding the Dom/sub parameters, birth control and what they’re going to tell people regarding their dating status. However it soon blossoms into a true partnership with depth, understanding and value. And as soon as this couple can stop keeping secrets, truly baring themselves they’ll heal each others wounds inside and out.

I’d been looking forward to Cam’s story ever since he was injured in ROUGH, RAW AND READY returning to Mckay country as deputy for the local sheriffs department. And just as I knew I would, I fell hard for this damaged ex-soldier. Cam’s body image issues and PTSD haven’t been glazed over here and they're dealt with in a realistic manner. He doesn’t want anyone’s pity and his subsequent seclusion from the family, inability to ask for help, fear of falling, nightmares and even allowing Domini to see him naked during sex (or his missing leg at all) are believable yet heartbreaking.

My only issue (maybe that’s not the right word because I sure as hell enjoyed it) would be the bizarre 3-way thrown in with Cam’s mysterious military buddy. This character and ménage came out of nowhere and seemed not only gratuitous but didn’t add anything to their story either IMHO.

So I’m not going to give away the plot because as usual tons of shit happens and it was so much fun discovering it as I went along. I’ll just say this was another great read that (as always) left me wanting more. Cheers