Nothing new or intresting here

The Last Lone Wolf (Silhouette Desire) - Maureen Child

Opening Line: “Now that looks like trouble.”

Do you ever find a book on your shelf and think to yourself why the hell did I buy this? Well that was the case with The Last Lone Wolf. I have no memory of purchasing it and no idea what attracted me to it in the first place. And in saying that now that I’ve slogged my through it I can also add that there was absolutely nothing new or interesting in this story except for maybe the premise which quite frankly doesn’t even make any sense.

Jericho King is a former Marine, now all bitter and grumpy after “a life of service” (even though he’s still quite young) He craves solitude and lives on a mountain surrounded by hundreds of acres of wilderness. But a guy’s gotta make a buck too so he runs a leadership camp out of his lodge, teaching wilderness skills to big city company folk. On the first page Daisy Saxon shows up; all high heels, tiny designer dog and TSTL. Daisy is way out of her element on the mountain, looking like she’s just left an upscale mall but still believing that she’s the right woman for the cook’s position.

Normally Jericho wouldn’t even let someone like her apply for the job but Daisy’s the sister of a fallen comrade and he made a promise to help if she was ever in need. So he goes through the motions of hiring her, expecting that she’ll hightail it back to the city as soon as she fails the mandatory 2 day survival test in the bush.

But Daisy is full of surprises, refusing to fail, refusing to quit until she gets what she came for …Jericho’s man juice. That’s right she wants his baby, using the logic that Jericho and the Marine Corps had stolen her family so they owed her one, one baby that is. Cheers

And later my favourite line...

“Damn it, she seduced me for my sperm.”